Volunteer Opportunities

Graduate Studies

Below is a list of volunteer opportunities, both internal and external to the University.

You may also visit our Hiring and Volunteer Opportunities webpage for up to date information.

The University of Winnipeg

Please visit Volunteer Opportunities for updated information on the latest volunteer postings.

Wii Chiiwaakanak Learning Centre

The centre’s primary focus is on educational and cultural programs that are rooted in Indigenous language and knowledge to support community learning and engagement.

If you are interested in volunteer work experience that supports children, youth and families in the community, then please visit the link below for more information.

Wii Chiiwaakanak Learning Centre Volunteer Opportunities

The Spence Neighbourhood Association

The Spence Neighbourhood Association works with the people of Spence to revitalize renew their community. They rely on volunteers to enhance the growth and development of their organization.

For more information, please visit: Spence Neighbourhood Association Volunteer Opportunities.

The City of Winnipeg

The City of Winnipeg offer a variety of volunteer opportunities that will allow you the opportunity to grow while also learning about the city.

For more information, please visit: City of Winnipeg - Volunteer Opportunities.

Volunteer Manitoba

Volunteer Manitoba support groups and individuals in the voluntary sector to develop and enhance their capacity to anticipate, understand, celebrate, and meet community needs in Manitoba. The organizations vital contributions to the community include connecting people with volunteer opportunities, promoting volunteerism, and providing leadership and counsel in the non-profit and voluntary sector.

Volunteer Manitoba promotes and recognizes volunteerism across the province, connects Manitobans, and builds capacity to meet community needs.

For more information, please visit: Manitoba Volunteer Opportunities.