Forms for Faculty and Staff

Graduate Curriculum Proposal Forms
Curriculum Submission Summary Sheet [.doc download]
New Course Proposal Form [.doc download]
Course Revision Form [.doc download]
Experimental Course Proposal Form [.doc download]
Changes to Graduate Program Requirements [.doc download]
Attachment 1: Relations with Other Programs [.doc download]
Attachment 2: Library Resources [.doc download]

New Graduate Program Proposal Forms*
New Graduate Program Proposal Criteria
Program Application Process Orientation
Dean's Assessment Form
New Program Application Form
Full Program Proposal Financial Form
Permanent Cessation Application Form
Significant Modification Application Form
Temporary Cessation Application

*Please consult with the Graduate Studies Administrative Officer (P# 204-786-9797) prior to submitting these forms to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Program Review Documents
Process for Program Reviews
Revised Self-Assessment Guidelines

Thesis and Thesis Examination Forms
All Thesis and Thesis Examination forms can be found here

Forms for MA, MSc & MDP programs
Graduate Student & Supervisor Expectation Form

Nomination Forms
Graduate Student of Highest Distinction Award Guidelines
(Submission deadline: May 10,