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MSc in Applied Computer Science and Society trains students to take on high-demand tech occupations

Tue. Jun. 28 12:30 PM - Tue. Jun. 28 01:30 PM

The MSc Applied Computer Science and Society program offers a pragmatic and applied curriculum, addressing globalization and cultural issues alongside technical instruction. Offering both course-based and thesis-based streams, the program fosters critical reflection on how technology and society interact. It also facilitates research and development in Manitoba’s vibrant ICT sector (information and computing technologies): a sector represented by over 300 ICT companies.Graduates take on some remarkable roles such as Software Developer, Software Engineer, Business Intelligence Developer, Application Analyst, IT Consultant, Systems Analyst, Director of Data & Analytics, Machine Learning Scientist, and Physical Science Geospatial Specialist. Graduates are in high demand across Canada and internationally.If you are interested in working in the ICT sector, or want to advance your career, please join this upcoming webinar to learn whether you are a good fit for the program and how it can help you achieve your career goals

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