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Thesis Examination: Sam Hanson

Thu. Aug. 11 10:00 AM - Thu. Aug. 11 12:00 PM
Location: Zoom

Sam Hanson, an MA candidate in Criminal Justice, is defending “Weaponized sexuality” to the normalization of sexual violence: Rape culture and the nonconsensual distribution of sexual imagery (NCDSI).

The Examination Committee consists of:
Examination Chair: Dr. Tabitha Wood
Thesis Co-Supervisor: Dr. Michelle Bertrand
Thesis Co-Supervisor: Dr. Kelly Gorkoff
External Examiner: Dr. Alexa Dodge, Hill Postdoctoral Fellow - Law, Justice, & Society Program; Associate - Restorative Research, lnnovation, & Education Lab, Dalhousie University

This exam will be held via Zoom.