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Thesis Examination: Emma Traynor

Fri. Aug. 5 01:00 PM - Fri. Aug. 5 03:00 PM
Location: Graduate Studies Boardroom (1RC028) and Zoom

Emma Traynor, and MSc candidate in Bioscience, Technology and Public Policy is defending An examination of the effects of elevated CO2 on juvenile salmonids.

Emma's examining committee consists of:
Examination Chair: Dr. Jens Franck
Supervisor: Dr. Caleb Hasler
Examining committee member: Dr. Sara Good
Examining committee member: Dr. Eva Enders, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
External examiner: Dr. Cosima Porteus, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Toronto Scarborough.

This hybrid exam will be held in 1RC028, Richardson College and over Zoom.