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Indigenous Insights

Thu. Feb. 18 09:00 AM - Thu. Feb. 18 04:00 PM
Contact: Dylan Jones

Indigenous Insights was created with the engagement of Indigenous people including academics, professionals, political activists and community members. As Canada continues to acknowledge the place of Indigenous Peoples within this country, this training will help University of Winnipeg graduate students to build an understanding that goes beyond the headlines and examines the truth for Indigenous people today. When we understand our shared history more completely, we better understand each other.

The seven module program includes carefully crafted videos, facilitator-led discussion, and group activities. Group facilitation is a full-day, professionally guided, immersive and intensive experience for up to 25 participants per session.

The module topics include:

1. Treaties and Duty to Consult
Treaty and Aboriginal Rights, the duty to consult

2. What’s in a Name
The Indian Act, Indigenous identity and community membership

3. Ancient Ways, Modern People
The importance of culture for Indigenous health and well-being

4. The Children Taken, The Parents Left Behind
The history and legacy of residential schools, the aftermath, and healing

5. Living off the Land
The balance between economic development and the protection of traditional lands and resources

6. Research and Engagement
Respectfully approaching research and consultation with Indigenous communities

7. New Beginnings
Ways in which Indigenous youth are re-shaping educational institutions and Canadian society

To Register: d.jones@uwinnipeg.ca