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Thesis Examination: MA Student Mallory Shack

Fri. Aug. 6 10:00 AM - Fri. Aug. 6 12:00 PM
Contact: Dylan Jones
Location: Zoom

Mallory Shack - Master of Arts Student in Indigenous Governance

Thesis Exam Chair: Dr. Michelle Bertrand, Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice

Title: Indigenous Perspectives in Program Evaluation: A scoping literature review exploring wise
practices for program evaluation with Indigenous communities in Northern Manitoba

Abstract: This study explored how organizations who offer programming and services in northern Indigenous communities could inform, adapt, and improve their evaluation approaches to involve an Indigenous perspective. Without this research, program evaluation may continue to be conducted within a Western perspective, one that does not consider an Indigenous paradigm or cultural considerations. To examine the topic of Indigenous perspectives in program evaluation, a scoping literature review was conducted using 15 secondary sources from Australia, Canada and the United States of America published from 2010-2020. Through decolonizing methodology, data from the articles was themed according to the core values found within an Indigenous Evaluation Framework. The findings contributed to the literature by addressing the gaps of decolonizing program evaluation, integrating cultural approaches, and instilling an Indigenous paradigm. Relevant to organizations who work with Indigenous communities, the research generated wise practices to engage program evaluation in a culturally appropriate manner. Building from this study, ongoing research is needed to support Indigenous perspectives in program evaluation.

To register as an audience member, please email Dylan Jones at d.jones@uwinnipeg.ca