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Working with Your Supervisor (Student's Perspective)

Fri. Nov. 20 09:00 AM - Fri. Nov. 20 10:00 AM
Contact: Dylan Jones

The Faculty of Graduate Studies is committed to fostering strong student-supervisor relationships as a key to successfully completing a graduate program. A strong student-supervisor relationship is based on clear expectations for both the students and their supervisor(s).This workshop will explore how to foster and maintain a strong student-supervisor relationship. This Zoom session will follow the Graduate Student/Supervisor Expectations Form as an outline for discussion.

Dr. Craig Willis, Professor, Biology, and University of Winnipeg and Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies Alumna, Ashley Hayward, will join us to answer questions and provide insight on working with your supervisor.    

To register, please contact Dylan Jones at d.jones@uwinnipeg.ca.