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Tri-Council Award Applications and You

Wed. Oct. 7 10:30 AM - Wed. Oct. 7 11:30 AM
Contact: Dylan Jones

How can you get paid to go to grad school?

CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC are $17,500 scholarships for students who are pursuing a master’s degree. This presentation will provide an overview of the awards, the application process, and tips on how to write a successful application.

We will be joined by Dr. Beata Biernacka, Instructor and Chair, Bioscience Graduate Program, Dr. Nora Casson, Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair in Environmental Influences on Water Quality, and Dr. Janis Thiessen, Professor, Joint Graduate Studies Chair for History.

Contact Dylan Jones at d.jone@uwinnipeg.ca to register for this Zoom session.