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Mitacs Training Course: Career Professionalism

Thu. Mar. 12 09:00 AM - Thu. Mar. 12 05:00 PM
Contact: MITACS
Location: TBD

When working with others, we often forget the impressions and impact we have on those around us. We dismiss just how important our personal reputation impacts the way we are perceived and in turn, how others relate to us and ultimately, what opportunities are opened to us. From first impressions to making a lasting impression, this one-day course will provide you with tips, tricks and tools from dressing the part to knowing how to apply effective communication techniques and professional behaviour when working closely with others.

Course Objective:

To increase participant awareness of how actions and behaviours can solidify and undo personal and professional reputation when working closely with others.

Learning Outcomes:

Through this course, participants will:

  • Have a broad understanding of business etiquette and how it applies to the work environment
  • Understand the importance of personal reputation
  • Learn how to dress for success
  • Gain the tools to avoid common email etiquette pitfalls and create a professional e-profile and reputation
  • Expand their knowledge on how to apply effective communication techniques and professional behaviour while working closely with others
  • Be able to strategically plan and run (and participate in) effective meetings
  • Have the tools and knowledge to apply professionalism when travelling for business or attending business functions

Key Topic Areas:

Business Etiquette Overview

  • What is and why it matters
  • Impact of lack of civility in the workplace
  • Your brand, your reputation

Work Environment

  • Working with others
  • Professional behaviour
  • Communication in the workplace
  • Confidentiality in the workplace
  • Handling gossip and rumors

Technology Etiquette

  • Virtual first impressions
  • Creating subject lines and messages
  • Replying promptly

Running and participating in effective meetings

  • Tips on how to be a more effective participant
  • Tips on how to run more effective meetings

Personal Appearance

  • Appropriate dress for different situations
  • Dress codes in organizations--formal and informal

Out-of-the office etiquette

  • Travelling for business 
  • Attending business functions


Register online using the Mitacs EDGE Platform: https://edge-reg.mitacs.ca/