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Foundations of Project Management I

Sat. Oct. 21 08:30 AM - Sun. Oct. 22 05:00 PM
Contact: Deanna England
Location: Room 1An03A (First floor AnX Building)

Foundations of Project Management I Winnipeg, MB

When: Saturday, October 21 & Sunday, October 22, 2017

Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm (Registration starts at 8:45am SHARP)

Where: University of Winnipeg-  1AN03A

Cost: This workshop, as with all Mitacs Training workshops, is free for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. However, the preauthorization of a valid credit card is required as part of the registration process. A $50 penalty will be applied to all late cancellations (cancellations that are not made 5 days or more before the workshop date), no shows, or incomplete attendance. These penalties are only charged after the completion of a workshop and no charges are ever made to interns who participate in full. For answers to some frequently asked questions, please visit our help page: https://www.mitacs.ca/en/programs/training/faq

If you do not have access to a credit card for the deposit, please contact Deanna England, Graduate Studies Officer at d.england@uwinnipeg.ca.

Register here:  https://step.mitacs.ca/en/workshop/2017/10/foundations-project-management-i-winnipeg-mb-october-21-22


Learning teams of approximately five people each will be formed at the beginning of this session and will work together throughout the session.  This will enable the participants to enhance their learning from each other, to experience the development of a strong team, and to develop a model of the culture that they will want to create and execute their projects.

Workshop Objective:

This 2-day workshop provides an experiential, collaborative learning experience to enable participants to integrate the principles of project management, team building, group dynamics and leadership that participants can apply immediately and in their future careers and lives. Participants experience the processes of collaborative planning and management and can see the benefits firsthand.

Learning Outcomes:

Through participating and completing this workshop, participants will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of foundational project management principles
  • Have an emphasized understanding of the importance of team and team dynamics within the context of project management and meeting project deadlines

Key Topics Areas:

Principles of project management and team building

  • Forming new teams and learning from team members past experience
  • Understanding self and others using the Strength Deployment Inventory, a self-scoring questionnaire that identifies, motivations, personal strengths in relating, causes of stress or conflict and each individual’s typical response to conflict
  • Personal styles of learning and problem-solving
  • Creating a team agreement on practices and processes that will enhance their work together
  • Techniques and tools to increase team effectiveness at decision making
  • Planning and conducting effective project meetings


  • Role of the leader in decision making
  • Modifying leadership behavior to meet the needs of the situation

Project planning concepts

  • Developing and building effective project teams
  • Project planning and scheduling: basics of the critical path method (CPM), work breakdown, time calculations, and shortening the project
  • Collaborative techniques and processes for planning and scheduling projects, establishing positive project practices and procedures, and the monitoring and reporting of progress
  • Risk assessment on the projects planned

Review and discussion of learning

  • Providing constructive criticism for positive results

If you have any questions please contact the Training team at step@mitacs.ca


"I was unsure how useful I would be when I signed up but this far far exceeded my expectations."

"This workshop changed my thinking about project management. I now see it as people-focused rather than task-based. The instructor's real-life experiences in project management environments as well as his knowledge of the field of project management were valuable and informative. I was challenged through the workshop exercises and inspired to implement the concepts and tools in my own work environment."

"Highly learning and interactive experience" - Postdoctoral fellow, University of Saskatchewan

"I am a graduate student of University of Regina, Adult Education and Human Resource Department. The Training has helped deepening my knowledge on project planning and team dynamics. I wish I will have more opportunity to be attending Mitacs workshops in future."

"I am a MSc student in the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department. This was my first workshop with Mitacs, and I have to say that it was a learning experience where I had the chance to get to know people with different backgrounds and points of view, I really enjoyed the team work. The facilitator was friendly and excited about the topic, hence he was able to transmit all that energy and knowledge to all the participants. I really hope to be able to attend to the Project Management II workshop, thank you very much."

Masters student at the University of Alberta - "A must do workshop for every graduate student! Highly motivating and informative in terms of team and project management!"

"The project management course provided valuable and practical principles that can be used in any setting. It taught me more about myself and others and how to work more effectively in a team setting. It was engaging, informative, practical, and fun! I would highly recommend it!" - Graduate student, University of Alberta