Upstander Education Seminar

Mon. Jan. 30 12:30 PM - Mon. Jan. 30 02:00 PM
Contact: Deanna England
Location: 3C34

Upstander Education Seminar

The Faculty of Graduate Studies is hosting an “Upstander Education” seminar, which will offer information and training on:
- understanding the bystander effect - learning the difference between being a bystander and an upstander
- defining various forms of sexual misconduct as per the Criminal Code of Canada, MB Human Rights Commission, and the UW Sexual Misconduct Protocol
- unpacking the current social climate of victim-blaming and trivializing sexual assault.

We strongly encourage all graduate students to attend this seminar, as they will both gain some valuable education on this topic and learn about the resources that are available for survivors.  In particular, we are urging all TAs, lab demonstators, and tutors to attend this session, as students with whom they are working might approach them with disclosures of sexual misconduct and they would be expected to know the UW policies on responding to such disclosures.

Please email Deanna at to register. Lunch will be provided and served prior the start of the seminar at 12:15 p.m.