Research Manitoba Master’s Studentship

The Research Manitoba Master’s Studentships supports highly qualified Master's trainees in health, the social sciences and humanities, and the natural sciences and engineering, to prepare for careers as independent researchers in industry or within Manitoba’s research enterprise. All awards consist of an annual stipend of $12,000 for up to a maximum of one year.

2019-20 Award Recipient

Theresa MackeyTheresa Mackey – Bioscience, Technology, and Public Policy Alumna

I recently graduated from UWinnipeg this Fall 2020, with my MSc degree in Bioscience, Technology and Public Policy. During my time as a student I studied the impacts of climate change on freshwater fish physiology. My first year of graduate school I worked on my thesis, took classes, taught undergraduate biology labs, and participated in extracurriculars, leaving no time for any other source of income (which as an international student was particularly tough). I applied for the Research Manitoba Master’s Studentship award as I was encouraged and inspired by other students in the Bioscience program, and receiving the award allowed me to focus on my thesis my second year in the program, allowing me to complete the MSc program in two years. The funding provided me with a source of income that supported my living expenses, making teaching unnecessary, which allowed me to focus on my project. I can’t thank my advisor Dr. Caleb Hasler and Dr. Beata Biernacka enough for their continuing support and for looking out for us graduate students. One tip I have for future students is that it never hurts to apply for a grant. Even if you don’t think you entirely qualify, or you’re not sure if you don’t meet all the requirements, you should apply for funding that is within the realm of your work. As a graduate student, you work hard, you work on interesting projects, don’t sell yourself short. You got this!

2020-21 Award Recipient

Cora Anne RomanowCora Anne Romanow – Bioscience, Technology and Public Policy

My supervisor, Dr. Susan Lingle, suggested I apply for the Research Manitoba award. I figured it was a long-shot, having applied unsuccessfully for many scholarship opportunities in the past. However, it turned out to be a shot worth taking. This award allowed me to pay off an outstanding spring tuition fee, my rent for a few months, as well as to pay for my current tuition fees. Without this award, I would not currently be in the program. I am immensely grateful to Research Manitoba and to my supervisor for her encouragement. My research examines the vocal and posture-based signals male ungulates (hooved animals) use during to attract female attention. This Master’s thesis has been an incredibly valuable learning experience overall, and I look forward to sharing the results of my hard work upon completion.

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