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Shayne Wong

Shayne Wong's pictureShayne Wong graduated in June 2018 with a 4-year BA in Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Studies. Having graduated from a strongly UNESCO affiliated high school, she joined the program to further her learning and engagement in human rights. During her studies, she gained knowledge, skills and was offered opportunities to continue to grow and develop within the field.

Wong is thankful for the various opportunities that let her learn and grow inside and outside of the classroom. She travelled to the United Nations on multiple occasions with other students to attend the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). Additionally, she completed an international practicum in Thailand where she taught primary and university level students.

“When Lloyd Kornelsen presented the idea of completing a practicum in Thailand, I never imagined the profound effect that the experience would have on my life and future work. That single experience really paved the way for the work I have been doing since completing the Human Rights program and helped me find what I’m truly passionate about in this field.”

Wong’s experiences in Thailand directly influenced her decision to focus her research and advocacy work in Asia, particularly Myanmar. She has since continued to work domestically and internationally on the topic and joined the team for Rohingya Human Rights Network.

“I am extremely thankful to the instructors and colleagues I have met and the knowledge I gained as a student at the Global College. I met some of my closest friends and greatest connections as a student, many of which I still have today.” 

Along with several other young people across Canada, some of whom are also Global College graduates, Wong co-founded the Canadian Coalition for Youth, Peace & Security (CCYPS) in September of 2020. She is also a Researcher and Co-Lead for Youth, Peace and Security (YPS) Programs with the international organization ISOKO Partners for Peace and Gender Equality. 

Wong has continued her studies at the Global College as an MA student in the joint Peace and Conflict Studies program between the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg.