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Kelby Loeppky

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Kelby Loeppky graduated from the University of Winnipeg in June of 2016. Loeppky earned a double major in Human Rights & Global Studies (4-year) and Conflict Resolution Studies (3-year).

From Winkler, Manitoba, Loeppky now heads on to the big city of Toronto—to attend Osgoode Hall Law School this September. But what has shaped Loeppky’s journey? What can she tell us about her time at the Global College?

When asked about some of the defining moments of her undergrad, Loeppky states, "Hosting and co-organizing the provincial Consent Culture Forum!" says Loeppky, "it was great to be able to advocate for women's rights and work together with other students to eliminate gender-based and sexual violence on post-secondary campuses.

Not only has Loeppky’s involvement with women’s rights and human security flourished throughout her years, she has also developed critical skills to help with her involvement at the Manitoba Human Rights Commission.

Loeppky worked as an Investigator for the Manitoba Human Rights Commission, defending rights for all Manitobans.

“Not only did this degree give me an in-depth understanding of human rights principles and human rights systems in Canada, but it also honed my reading, writing, and analysis skills. This degree and the wonderful faculty in it also helped me to develop communication skills, networking skills, and helped to foster confidence in my abilities”

Lastly, Loeppky has one simple message for students attending Global College:

“Get involved! I met some of my best friends and mentors through this degree.”