Spring & Summer Institutes

BA in Human Rights


Emerging Issues in Human Rights

HR-2600-001 (registration requires permission of the instructor)

Instructor: Marilou McPhedran

Emerging Issues in Human Rights (formerly known as Adventures in Global Citizenship) is a summer intensive course that introduces students to local and global human rights challenges and opportunities, and their implications for global citizenship. The course examines the voices, perspectives, and actions of individuals working for human rights – globally and locally, based in Manitoba. This 6 credit human rights intensive is a ‘jump start’ course for students entering university for the first time and provides an opportunity to get to know university life and university level academic requirements in a supportive learning environment where the ‘first year’ and ‘upper year’ students are learning from each other, as well as from the wide range of experts who lecture in this diverse course to focus on ‘lived rights’.

The course is structured to strengthen skills in critical thinking and analysis, writing and oral presentations within a human rights framework, as a foundation for increasing student readiness and confidence in a range of post-secondary academic programs. Students from many departments are drawn to this course, including from Business, Criminal Justice, Education, and the Sciences.

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Past Spring Summer Institutes

Special Topics: Trafficking in Persons: Local to Global Dimension (Online)


The course explores the inter-connections between prostitution and human trafficking, and assesses judicial, state, and non-state responses to human trafficking over the past 40 years. This course looks at victim protection initiatives, and the implementation of human trafficking prevention and reduction strategies in Manitoba, Canada, and internationally.

Student Video Testimonies

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Jody Martens 

" experience you wouldn't normally get in a normal university course..." 


Jordan Shackel

"...if I hadn't taken these courses, I don't know if my passion and desire to further my knowledge and understanding in this area would have continued..." 


Megan Fultz

"...these institutes have helped me to explore more specialized topics within the field of human rights..." 


Karan Sodhi

"...I would recommend these classes to all students who want convenience and accessibility..."

Registration Information

Every Spring and Summer the Global College offers intensive 3 credit hour courses on a range of special topics with visiting scholars from around the world. These Institutes generally run for a two week period with daily lectures offered in class or online. Students are invited to take advantage of the unique opportunity to learn from global experts on topics such as slavery, migration, terrorism, democracy, disability and global 

Spring and Summer Institutes have extremely condensed timelines, and generally involve one to two weeks of intensive lectures, followed by a reporting/writing period. Please pay close attention to the class dates and assignment deadlines, and ensure you will be able to participate fully for the duration of the course, including submitting assignments after the intensive lectures have finished.

Please Note: Students are strongly advised that taking 2 summer institutes in the same 2 week period has proven to be highly demanding. We recommend that students think very carefully before they take more than one (1) summer institute course offered in one(1) two-week period.

•Most Spring and Summer Institutes have an online component - access to high speed Internet is required in order to fully participate in these courses.


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