Practicum Opportunities

BA in Human Rights

Practicum Information and Opportunities

In the practicum, students integrate theory and classroom knowledge with practice through supervised field work and structured assignments and reflections. The practicum involves volunteer work related to Human Rights in a relevant organization, and participation in specified seminars and/or written analyses.

A local placement can often be completed on a part-time basis, while in an international setting, the placement is usually full-time, and should be for a minimum of three months to allow time for understanding local contexts and cultures.

HR Practicum Experiences

Matthew Altieri with his class in Thailand

Global College recently entered into a partnership with schools in Thailand, opening up a new practicum opportunity for our students! Over the summer of 2016, Matthew Altieri and Katherine Turner spent 3 months teaching English at a school in Thailand.

Teruni and the Thai Military

Teruni Walaliyadde
Royal Thai Military, Sa Kaeo Province, Thailand

Teruni travelled to Sa Kaeo, Thailand, to volunteer with the Royal Thai Military. For three months, she taught conversational English to military soldiers as well as to children attending primary schools in rural, low income areas.

"The many learning curves and experiences during the course of my practicum confirmed my belief that global citizenship is possible through mutual respect, understanding, patience."

Brittany McFadyen in Kenya

Brittany McFadyen
Willing Hearts International Society of Canada, Kenya

Brittany travelled to Musembe, Kenya with the Willing Hearts International Society of Canada, a non-profit that works to support the local people of Musembe with issues surrounding poverty, sustainability and education/training. For three months she volunteered as the Lugari Community Resource Centres (LCRC) Coordinator, assisting with daily programs and maintenance, and employee concerns and obligations.

“WHISCA and my trip to Musembe, Kenya changed my life in every way imaginable and I am so thankful for the opportunity. It is a community of strength and determination that accepted me as if I was one of their own.”

Maddie Pearlman

Maddie Pearlman
Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM)

"IRCOM provides a space that is assisting and empowering a global community. IRCOM’s current three hundred tenants are from more than twenty countries, bringing a magnitude of different cultural, ethnic and religious practices and norms.

Fulfilling my practicum in the kids summer program meant being a role model for the kids and youth at IRCOM on a daily basis. I felt comfortable and included in the community of the program staff. My two months at IRCOM has given me the opportunity to meet some of the most inspirational and resilient individuals, whom I hope will remain in my life for a long time to come. Every day with those kids had an undeniable impression on me and pushed me to be the best that I can be."