Research Grant

German-Canadian Studies

The GERMAN-CANADIAN STUDIES RESEARCH GRANT is awarded on an annual basis for the best project proposal on any aspect in the field of German-Canadian Studies.

This $2,500.00 grant is awarded by the Spletzer Family Foundation Inc. to foster general and community interest and research into the past and present experiences of German-speaking immigrants and their descendents in Canada, as well as into history and nature of relations and exchanges between Germany and Canada. The competition is open to academic researchers at the faculty or student level, private researchers, and collaborative projects, including projects at K-12 school levels.

Application forms can be downloaded here.

The award is not renewable, but researchers may apply with a different project in subsequent competitions.

Selection will be made by an interdisciplinary committee of university professors who will evaluate the merit of the proposal and its potential to broaden our knowledge of the German-Canadian experience or German-Canadian relations, the candidate’s research background in related areas, the likelihood that the project can be completed within the proposed budget, and the candidate’s willingness to share his/her findings with the community in public lectures and in other forms.