Geography in the News


Supercharged, Hurricane Michael menaces Florida:  CTV News Oct. 10, 2018—Gaining frightening fury overnight, Hurricane Michael closed in Wednesday on the Florida Panhandle with potentially catastrophic winds of 145 mph, the most powerful storm on record ever to menace the stretch of fishing towns, military bases and spring-break beaches.

Indonesia quake and tsunami death toll hits 1,200 as search for survivors goes on: CBC News Oct. 1, 2018—Aid agencies describe outskirts of isolated Donggala region as 'nightmarish'

Supreme court rejects California billionaire's 'private beach' case: The Guardian Oct.1, 2018—Vinod Khosla bought $32.5m property south of San Francisco and cut off public access to popular surf spot.

Chile unveils Patagonian Route of Parks scenic trail: BBC News Sep 27, 2018—Chile has launched a huge scenic route through its Patagonian wilderness to boost tourism and highlight the need for conservation.

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