Geography in the News


Kilauea helping scientists better understand volcanoes: CBC News June 7, 2018— Geologists, volcanologists say recent eruptions are 'remarkable opportunity'.

Tourists told to stay away from Indian city of Shimla due to water crisis: The Guardian June 1, 2018— Residents use social media to beg holidaymakers to avoid area as supply runs dry.

Helicopters prepare for evacuation as Kilauea's 3rd lava flow enters ocean: CBC News May 25, 2018— More lava slides into sea off Hawaii's Big Island, producing noxious gases.

Evacuations ordered as Hawaii volcano erupts: CTV News May 4, 2018— Hawaii's Kilauea volcano erupted Thursday, sending lava shooting into the air in a residential neighbourhood and prompting mandatory evacuation orders for nearby homes.


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