Ian Mauro

Ian Mauro Title: Associate Professor, Executive Director, Prairie Climate Centre
Office: 1RC026
Building: Richardson College
Phone: 204.258.2921
Email: i.mauro@uwinnipeg.ca



GEOG-1102(3) Intro Human Geog I
GEOG-2503(3) Manitoba Physical & Human Environment


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2020  Director and Producer: Métis Wildland Firefighters: Connecting with Traditional Land Stewardship, 7:17 minute film in collaboration with the Métis National Council. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/metis-wildland-firefighters

2020  Director and Producer: The Elders of the Forest: A Métis Dendroclimatologist’s Perspective, 7:34 minute film in collaboration with the Métis National Council. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/elders-forest

2020  Director and Producer: Bad News in the Fields: Farmers Struggle with Erratic Weather, 3:55 minute film. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/bad-news-fields

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2020  Director and Producer: Wine Grapes and Wind Machines: Innovative Collaborations Protect Wine Industry, 7:24 minute film. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/wine-grapes-and-wind-machines

2020  Co-Director and Producer: A Ticking Clock: Lyme Disease, Climate Change, and Public Health, 5:40 minute film. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/ticking-clock

2020  Co-Director and Producer: The Future of Fishing: Climate Change in the Magdalen Islands, 5:12 minute film. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/future-fishing

2020  Co-Director and Producer: Aquaculture and Climate Change: Preparing an Industry for the Future, 3:37 minute film. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/aquaculture-and-climate-change

2020  Co-Director and Producer: Matériauthèque: Cutting Emissions by Cutting Waste, 4:10 minute film. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/materiautheque

2019  Director and Producer: Planning Climate Resilience in Selkirk Manitoba, 7:46 minute film in collaboration with City of Selkirk. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpQ_pDS2WvY

 2019  Co-Director and Producer: Navigating the Future of Farming: How will Climate Change Affect Agriculture (French), 3:16 minute film. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/navigating-future-farming

2019  Modeling the Climate: Using Data to Make Smart Climate Change Decisions (French), 3:21 minute film. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/modelling-climate

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2018  Director, Writer, Editor and Producer: Beyond Climate (featuring David Suzuki), 48-minute film on climate change in British Columbia. Available at: www.beyondclimate.ca

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2018  Director and Producer: Toddi Steelman: Co-existing with a Longer Fire Season, 4:19 minute film about climate change and wildfires. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/topic/forests

2018  Director and Producer: Charlie Clark, Mayor of Saskatoon: Prairie Cities are Part of the Solution, 2:28 minute film on Saskatoon’s climate change journey. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/charlie-clark-mayor-saskatoon

2018  Director and Producer: Community Renewables: Supporting Solar Energy on Gabriola Island, 2:39 minute film on distributed renewable systems in the Pacific coast. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/community-renewables

2018  Director and Producer: Darrin Qualman: Energy, Emissions, and Agriculture, 2:56 minute film about a shift away from high-input, high-energy agriculture as both a climate and farm income strategy. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/darrin-qualman

2018  Director and Producer: Dendroclimatology and the Canadian Prairies: Climate, Drought and Extremes, 4:39 minute film about tree rings and their predictive capacity. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/dendroclimatology-and-canadian-prairies

2018  Director and Producer: Dr. Amber Fletcher: Gender, Agriculture and Climate Change, 3:11 minute film about the important role women play on farms to buffer risk in a changing world. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/dr-amber-fletcher

2018  Director and Producer: Farming Carbon: Environmentally Responsible Ranching, 5:29 minute film about the important role that cattle farmers play in sequestering carbon through their rotational grazing practices. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/farming-carbon

2018  Director and Producer: Ferryland: Small Towns Versus Sea-level Rise, 2:51 minute film about a small Newfoundland community that is threatened by increased storminess and sea-level rise caused by climate change. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/ferryland-newfoundland

2018  Director and Producer: Heat Waves and Hope: Faith Communities Providing Solutions to the Climate Challenge, 3:36 minute film about community-based solutions to the heat waves of the future. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/heat-waves-and-hope

2018  Director and Producer: Indian Island, New Brunswick: Adapting to Sea Level Rise, 7:58 minute film showing one First Nation’s race against time to protect their community from climate change. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/indian-island-new-brunswick

2018  Director and Producer: One Degree and its Impacts: What Does Climate Change Mean for Canada, 2:49 minute film featuring climatologist Damon Matthews discussing the latest climate science. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/one-degree-and-its-impacts

2018  Co-Director and Producer: Petrocultures: Climate Change, Culture, and Society, 3:41 minute film on energy transitions as a cultural issue. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/petrocultures

2018  Director and Producer: Prince Edward Island: Life on a Shrinking Island, 7:08 minute film exploring how a combination of sea-level rise and storm surges is literally eroding the shores and culture of this iconic province. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/prince-edward-island

2018  Director and Producer: REEP Green Solutions, 3:47 minute film showcasing a sustainability demonstration house in Kitchener. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/reep-house-waterloo

2018  Director and Producer: Roy McLaren: 70 years of Farming Experience, 4:26 minute film where long-term farmer knowledge and science connect to better understand life on the Prairies in a changing climate. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/roy-mclaren

2018  Director and Producer: Seeding Climate Resilience, 3:38 minute film showing how farmers are adapting to climate change, and developing seeds that are ready for extreme and changing weather patterns. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/seeding-climate-resilience

2018  Director and Producer: Storms of the Future, 3:16 minute film showing how extreme rain fall can adversely affect a community. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/storms-future

2018  Director and Producer: Wind-powered Green Economy, 5:20 minute film showing the town of Tatamagouche and their extraordinary efforts to tackle both their energy and transportation security through renewables. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/wind-powered-green-economy

2018  Director and Producer: Thunder Bay and Climate Change, 3:59 minute film that looks at how citizens in this northern Ontario city are working together to build resiliency in their neighborhoods and environments. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/thunder-bay-and-climate-change

2018  Director and Producer: Toronto and Climate Change: Building Resilience and Cutting Emissions, 7:43 minute film about Canada’s largest city and their efforts to reduce emissions, prepare for change, and make life better. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/toronto-and-climate-change

2018  Director and Producer: Vancouver: Greenest City in the World, 5:16 minute film showcasing one of Canada’s largest cities and its international ambition to be the Greenest City in the World by 2020. Available at: https://climateatlas.ca/video/vancouver

2017  Co-Producer: Glwa: Resurgence of the Ocean-going Canoe, 46-minute documentary on Heiltsuk canoe culture. Co-Executive Producer Frank Brown and Directors Vina Brown and Hillary Beattie. World premiere at ImagineNative Film Festival October 2017. Available at: https://www.glwafilm.com/

2017   Co-Director and Producer: A Good Place to Live: Transforming Public Housing in Lord Selkirk Park (with Dr. Jim Silver and Hillary Beattie). Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kr6h-m_-1vM