Awards Night of Excellence 2018

The University of Winnipeg Foundation

On Thursday, February 8, 2018, more than 250 students, donors and faculty members attended the annual Awards Night of Excellence to recognize the outstanding achievements made by our scholarship recipients and the generosity of our donors.  

The event was held in its traditional location in Riddell Hall at The University of Winnipeg and guests were served an array of delicious appetizers catered by Diversity Food Services.


Dr. Jino Distasio, Vice President Research & Innovation, emceed the event. Throughout the evening, he emphasized the impact financial support and how crucial it is for student success.

In addition to recognizing students, we also honoured the Grower Family for their ongoing support towards student excellence.

grower family

The Grower family has generously donated to The University of Winnipeg for the past 37 years to a variety of initiatives, such as the Opportunity Fund, Library, the Housing Doors & Windows Campaign, the Alumni Entrance Scholarship as well as the Area of Greatest Need. The family has a long history of learning at The University of Winnipeg. The first to attend was Marjorie Grower’s father, the late Fred Westwood, who graduated in 1936. Marjorie then attended and graduated in 1971. Ken Grower also attended and graduated with a BA in History in 1970. Joanne Grower received a BA in Environmental Studies and Politics in 2001, and Paul Grower earned a BA in Economics in 1998.

The Alumni Entrance Scholarship Fund is one of many awards to receive funding from the Grower family during their 37 years of giving. These scholarships are provided to first-year students with academic excellence and extra-curricular involvement demonstrating leadership.

The Opportunity Fund has also received funding from the Grower family since the fund was established in 2007. The Opportunity Fund is designed to help youth and adult learners who have financial need and are from under-represented student populations.

To see more photos from the evening, check out our Flickr page here.