2018 University of Winnipeg Donor List

The University of Winnipeg Foundation

Garry Leach

The importance of your support: The University of Winnipeg and its Foundation are working together to transform the lives of our students by providing an exceptional learning experience based on excellence in teaching and research, support of academic, artistic and athletic pursuits, and commitment to community learning and outreach programs.

Donations from UWinnipeg alumni and friends help us offer our students an affordable world-class education in state-of-the-art facilities.


Would you like to know how many donations your graduating class made in comparison to others? Click here to check out our Alumni Giving Statistics!

 Thank you to all of our generous UWinnipeg donors in 2018!


Manitoba Métis Federation Inc.



$100,000 - $499,999

The Winnipeg Foundation

    - Employee Charitable Contribution in mem. of Dr. J B Lang

    - George and Tanis Richardson Fund

    - James A. & Muriel S. Richardson Trust Fund

    - Chief Justice Richard J. Scott and Mary Scott Fund

    - Ross Robinson Family Fund 

    - Triple A Fund

    - Sonya and Scott Wright Fund



$50,000 - $99,999

Ms Lorraine Beck

BMO Financial Group

Craig McIntosh

Spletzer Family Foundation Inc.

Winnipeg Rh Institute Foundation Inc.



 $25,000 - $49,999

Boston Pizza International Inc.

Heritage Educational Foundation

Kingfisher Foundation

Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries

Ms Joanne Sutherland



$10,000 - $24,999

Canadian Women's Foundation

Conam Charitable Foundation

Mr. Brian Daly

Dr. Sheila Dresen

Endow Manitoba

Mr. Philipp Ens

Estate of Mr. Keith Christianson

Estate of Mrs. Nobu Ellis

FIRMA Foreign Exchange

Golden West Broadcasting Ltd.

Graham C. Lount Family Foundation Inc.

Mr. Elmer Hildebrand




$1,000 - $9,999

AB Midget Hockey

Access Education Graduating Students

ADESA Canada

All Dentist Musical

Mr. David Anderson

Aqueduct Foundation

Mr. Anshu Arora

Association of Employees Supporting Education Services

Baird Trust

Mr. Boris Baryla

Mr. Roger Belling

Benefaction Foundation

Bethel College

Birchwood Chevrolet

Mrs. Marjorie Blankstein

Boeing Canada Technology

Mr. Sheldon Bowles

Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg Inc.

Canad Inns

Canadian Footwear Limited

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities

Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba Inc.

Children's Aid Foundation

Chimp: Charitable Impact Foundation (Canada)

Dr. Jaime Cidro

Mrs. Andrea Cleghorn

Mr. Ron Clement

Mr. Charles Coffey

Community Education Development Association

Community Foundation - Lethbridge & Southwestern AB

Concord Projects LTD

Dr. James Currie

Dr. Fabrizio Di Muro

Dr. John Docherty

Mr. Joseph Doucet

Dr. Thomas Charles Mutter Medical Corporation

Mrs. Shirley Duckworth

Mr. James Dyck

Elmwood Kildonan Y's Men's Club

Emic Solutions

Estate of Ms Marion Mills

The Farquharson Foundation

FaithLife Financial

Mr. Stephen Freed

Mr. Kevin Freedman

Mr. Rudy Friesen

German Canadian Business & Professional Association of MB

Gift Funds Canada

Global Partners FC Foundation Flatt

Golden Key International Honour Society - University of Wpg

Ms Rita Gunn

Ms. Amy Hanen

Harris Rebar

Mr. Brian Hastings

Hill Sokalski Walsh Olson LLP

Horatio Alger Association of Canada

HUB International Limited

Ms Audrey Hubbard

Dr. Catherine Hunter

Ian A. Restall Law Corporation

Intact Insurance

International Chapter of the P.E.O. Sisterhood

International Scholarship and Tuition Services Inc.

James Richardson & Sons, Limited

Jays Care Foundation

JELD-WEN of Canada Ltd.

Dr. Donald Jewison

Joanne and/or Bruce Jones

John and Alice Crabb Memorial Trust

Johnston Group Inc.

Kal Tire

Ms Clara Keough

Ms Kathi Kinew

Mr. Myron Klysh

Mr. Barry Konzelman

Dr. Robert Kozminski

Ms Elizabeth Leon

Dr. Susan Lingle

Lions Club of Winnipeg

Loblaw Companies Limited

Ms Gail Loewen

Loran Scholars Foundation

Louis Ludwig Medical Corporation

Louis Riel School Division

Dr. James MacDonald

Man. Food & Commercial Workers. Local No. 832

Manitoba Foundation for Sports Inc.

Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association

Manitoba Schizophrenia Society Inc.

Manitoba School Improvement Program Inc.

Mr. John Martens

Marymound Inc.

Mr. Richard Morantz

Mr. Peter Myers

North American Franchise Services

Dr. Joel Novek

Oakville Community Foundation

Ontario Provincial Police Youth Foundation



$1 - $999.99                                         

Mr. Joffrey Abainza

Abundance Canada

Ms Karen Ackerman

Ms Debra Amos


Dr. John Anchan

Ms Bonnie Anderson

Ms Jennifer Andjelic

Mr. Gorden Andrus

Mr. Adam Araujo

Ms Dianne Arjoon

Mr. Douglas Armstrong

Association of Employees Supporting Education Services

Mrs. Mary Axworthy

Mr. Yank Azman

B.A. Robinson Co. Ltd.

Mr. Jeffrey Babb

Professor Tim Babcock

Mr. Darren Baccus

Ms Signe Badger

Mr. William Baerg

Mr. Bruce Bailey

Mr. Daniel Bailey

Ms Norma Baker

Ms Adina Balint

Ms Renee Barclay

Mrs. Liza Barney

Mr. Laurie Barth

Dr. Cecilia Basic

Mr. Michael Bayer

Ms Donna Beaulieu

Aakash Bedi

Bee2gether Tandem Bike Rentals

Mr. Michael Bellhouse

Mrs. Audrey Belyea

Mrs. Myrna Belyea

Mr. Ricky Benjamin

Ms Judith Bennett

Mr. Gerry Berard

Mrs. Julie Bergner

Mr. Brandon Bertram

Dr. Neil Besner

Ms Kristine Betker

Mr. Balram Bhakar

Big Boys Auto

M Bisewski

Mr. John Blacher

Ms Chantal Black

Mr. Gaz Black

Ms Frances Bleviss

Dr. Lee Anne Block

Dr. Margaret Bloodworth

Mr. Brent Boblinski

Mrs. Shirley Book

Ms Janice Bond

Mrs. Toni Lorrayne Bond

Dr. Samuel Borden

Ms Paulette Borsook

Boundary Consumers Co-operative Limited

Ms Kim Boughton

Ms Kelli Bourke

Prof. Dawn Bowen

Mr. Eugene Boychuk

Ms Diane Boyle

Ms Rae Bradshaw

Brantford General Hospital ER Physicians

Brar Natural Flour Milling Inc.

Mr. Mithu Brar

Mrs. Cecilia Braun

Dr. David Brodovsky

Ms Miriam Bronstein

Mr. Gerald Brown

Ms Darlene Buchwald

Ms Mary Bueckert

Dr. William Buhay

Dr. W. John Bulman

Mr. Brian Burrows

Business Council of Manitoba

Ms Irena Butkans

Ms Sheila Butler

Dr. Edward Byard

Mr. Phillip Calver

Canada Cargo Lines Ltd.

Canada's National History Society

Canadian Pony Club

Canadian Red Cross

Ms Dawn Campbell

Ms Kathryne Cardwell

Ms Therese Carriere

Dr. Anne-Laurence Caudano

CFI Education Inc.

Ms Angela Champ

Mr. Gary Cherlet

Mr. William Cherrett

Mr. Brian Chivers

Mr. Leo Cholakis

Dr. James Christie

Mrs. Isabel Christie

Ms Valerie Clancy

Ms Beverley Clegg

Ms Nancy Clendenan

Dr. Edward Cloutis

Cloverdale Paint Inc.

Dr. Brian Colborne

Mr. Neil Coligan

Mr. Andrew Colvin

Community Education Development Association

Dr. David Connor

Mrs. Gloria Conroy

Mrs. Dianne Cooper

Mr. Stephen Coppinger

Mr. Ian Cormack

Ms Jaybe Cormack

Ms Lisa Corne

Mr. Brent Corrigan

Mr. Roger Coss

Ms Marsha Cowan

Ms Anne Cramb

Dr. Wendy Crocker

Dr. Roewan Crowe

Cynthia Findlay Consulting

Dr. Philippe Cyrenne

Mr. Billy Daciw

Mr. Kerry Dangerfield

Dante Alighieri Cultural Society Inc.

Ms Bonnie Davies

Mr. Kent Davies

Ms Donna Dasko

Dr. Colin Dawes

Mr. Peter Dawes

Mr. Richard Dearing

Ms Paulette Decka

Mrs. Jolene Deere

Mr. William DeFehr

Dr. Linwood DeLong

Mr. Hubert Demers

Mr. Marc DeSpiegelaere

Mr. Romel Dhalla

Ms Ruth Dickinson

Mr. Roman Dobriansky

Mr. Gordon Docking

Ms Judy Doctoroff

Mr. Glenn Dodds

Ms Juanita Doerksen

Mr. Sam Doucet

Downtown Winnipeg BIZ

Mr. Otto Driedger

Mr. Karl Druckman

Mr. Andrew Dryden

Mr. Harsh Dubey

Dufresne Womens Institute

Mr. Ian Duncan

Ms Stephanie Duncan

Mrs. Wendy Duncan

Ms Karen Dunlop

Mrs. Christiana Duschinsky

Mr. Gilbert Dutton

Dr. Matt Dyce

Mrs. Anne Dyck

Ms Eileen Dyck

Ms Jennesa Dyck

Ms Judy Dyck

Mr. William Dyck

Ms Darlene Dyck Maguire

Mr. James Easton

Ms Eleanor Edye-Mazowita

Mr. Daniel Emberg

Mr. Michael Emslie

Dr. Howard Engers

Ms Deanna England

Ms Charlotte Enns

Mr. John Enns

Dr. Lesley Enns

Mrs. Marianne Enns

Mr. Abram Ens

Mr. Stephen Ens

Mrs. Ursula Erhardt

Ms Susan Ewanika

Mr. Jeb Fahlgren

Ms Lynn Faulder

Ms Natanielle Felicitas

Ms Jane Fiddler

Mr. Jason Fidelak

Ms Nicole Firlotte

Dr. David Fitzpatrick

Mrs. Maria Flannery

Follett of Canada Inc.

Ms Liivi Forster

Mr. Roland Fortier

Fred Douglas Place Residents Association

Darlene Frederickson

Mrs. Angelique Friesen

Mr. Chris Friesen

Mr. David Friesen

Ms Dorothy Friesen

Mrs. Erna Froese

Mr. Jordan Froese

Mr. Ted Froese

Mr. Mike Frost

Mr. David Fuller

Mrs. Rhonda Funk

Ms Sandra Fyvie

Galaxy Homes Ltd.

Mr. Jim Galbraith

Mr. Victor Gerden

Ms Anne Giardini

Ms Linda Gibson

Mr. Gerald Gierys

Mr. Jake Giesbrecht

Mr. Dennis Giguere

Ms Alison Gilbert

Mrs. Anne Gilbert

Ms Valerie Gilroy

Mr. Hoshiar Gill

Ms Dianne Glass

Mr. Robert Goertzen

Mr. Craig Goldstein

Ms Alicyn Goodman

Mr. Daniel Goodman

Ms Linda Graber

Mr. John Graeb

Dr. Hugh Grant

Ms Carol Gray

Mrs. Donna Greening

Mr. Jason Gren

Mr. Ralph Groening

Mr. Perry Grosshans

Mr. Saul Guttman

Mr. Daniel Hamburg

Ms Madeleine Hardin

Ms Lisa Hastings

Ms Stacy Hawash

Ms Carol Hebert

Mr. Harry Heidebrecht

Mr. Barry Heinrichs

Mr. C. Heinrichs

Mr. Roz Heintzman

Mr. Brian Hemeryck

Mr. David Hempsall

Mr. Cameron Henderson

Ms Lila Henderson

Mr. William Henderson

Mr. Peter Henry

Dr. Paul Henteleff

Dr. Peter Herrndorf

Mr. Kelly Hiebert

Mr. Weldon Hiebert

Ms Marge Hildebrand

Mr. Peter Hildebrand

Mrs. Barbara Hipple

Mr. Bryan Hobson

Mrs. Carol Hodges

Mr. Azad Hosein

Mrs. Victoria Hrabluk

Mr. Andrew Hretzay

HudBay Minerals Inc.

Dr. Judith Huebner

Ms Maria Huebner

Ms Kathleen Hughes

Mr. Craig Hunter

Ms Erica Hunstad

Ms Karen Hurst

Ms Katie Hurst

Mr. Aman Hussain

Mr. Danny Hutch

Mr. Colton Hutchinson

Hydro-X Club - Winnipeg Chapter

Mrs. Analee Hyslop

Ms Nadia Iancu


Mr. Patrick Imbert

Ms Jean Ingram

Ms Rita Shapera Jacob

Mr. Eugene Janzen

Mr. M. Harry Janzen

Dr. Peter Janzen

Mr. Greg Jarvis

Ms Lisa Jeffrey

Mrs. Margaret Jeffries

Mrs. Barbara Johnstone

Mr. Eric Johnstone

Mrs. Christine Jolly

Ms Deanne Jones

Ms Lynn Jones

Mr. David Jost

Mr. Kanga Kalisa

Mr. Martin Katz

Ms Tina Kehler

Mr. Terri Keith

Ms Pamela Keller

Dr. Kristi Kenyon

Ms Imeke Kerr

Mr. Konstantin Khavin

Mr. Daniel Kinaschuk

Mr. Devin King

Ms M. Alexandra King

Ms Donna Kingsley

Mr. Brian Kinsley

Ms Inge Kirchhoff

Ms Alla Kirshner

Mrs. Agnes Klassen

Mr. Rainer Kleinrensing

Ms Tracy Kleysen

Ms Christine Knoll

Kohinoor Jewellers

Mrs. Karen Kolesar

Mrs. Estelle Kosoy

Ms Nancy Kostiuk

Ms Jacki Koven

Ms Kirstyn Kowalchuk

Mr. Mark Krawetz

Ms Katarina Krekoski

Mr. Glen Krentz

Mr. Erwin Kroeker

Dr. Randy Kroeker

Mr. Marc Kuly

Ms Sharon Labinsky

Lac Du Bonnet & District Charitable Foundation Inc.

Ms Kara-Lea Lafosse

Ms Diane Lafournaise

Mr. Giovanni Lagadi

Ms M. Larkin

Ms Maria Cristina Laureano

Mr. Donald Lawrence

Lawrence G. Penner Trust

Mr. Mel Lazareck

Mr. Craig Lee

Ms Ingrid Lee

Ms Linda Lee

Mr. Ginny Lees

Mr. Jeremy LeFevre

Ms Veronica Letemendia

Mr. Michael Levin

Mr. John Lewis

Dr. Marion Lewis

Linden Woods Community Foundation

Mr. Ronnie Lindsay

Mr. Charles Loewen

Ms Marnie Loewen

Dr. Royden Loewen

Lord Selkirk School Division

Mr. Greg Lupal

Mr. John Lyons

Ms Sandy Lysachok


































Dr. Ezzat Ibrahim

Ms Naniece Ibrahim

Knowledge First Foundation

Mr. Alvin Mackling

MFS Investment Management Canada

Mr. William Pensaert

Princess Auto Ltd.

Dr. Doreen Smith

The University of Winnipeg Finance and Administration

Dr. Annette Trimbee

Triple E Recreational Vehicles

True Sport Foundation

Universities Canada




Dr. Dean Peachey

Ms Honor de Pencier

Mr. Alan & Mrs. Imogine Peters

Price Family Foundation

Price Industries Limited

Pride Winnipeg Festival Inc.

Princess Auto Foundation Inc.

Province of Nova Scotia, African Canadian Services Division

Qualico Developments Ltd.

Ms Debra Radi

RBC Royal Bank

RBC Investments (John and Alice Crabb Memorial Trust)

Red River College

Dr. James Richtik

Dr. H. Sanford Riley

Dr. David Robinson Medical Corporation

Ms Jennifer Roblin

Mr. Lewis Rosenberg

Ms Irene Sanderson

Mr. Rob Scaletta

Scholarship America

Ms Susan Scott

Mr. Paul Schimnowski

Seine River Teachers' Association

Chancellor Bob Silver

Spence Neighbourhood Association Inc.

Ms Diane Spivak

St. Boniface Hospital Foundation

Mr. Gregory Steers

Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation

Mrs. Kathy Strub

Superior Finishes Inc.

Taylor McCaffrey LLP

TD Bank

Terry Fox Humanitarian Awards Inc.

The Asper Foundation

The City of Winnipeg

The Fort Garry Hotel, Spa & Conference Centre

The Gail Asper Family Foundation Inc.

The Great-West Life Assurance Company

The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba

The Killarney Foundation Inc.

The Leonard Foundation

The North West Company LP

The Rotary Club of Winnipeg

The Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Education Foundation

The Tallman Foundation Inc.

The University of Winnipeg Modern Languages & Literatures

The University of Winnipeg Students' Assoc.

The University Women's Club of Winnipeg-Scholarship Fund

The Winkler Community Foundation

Dr. Janis Thiessen

Ms Mary J. Thomas

Mr. G. Toews

Mr. Louie Tolaini

Tommy's Welding Ltd.

True North Sports & Entertainment Ltd.

Mr. Gary Waldman

Mr. Dave Wall

Ms Meeka Walsh

WCPD Foundation

Western Glove Works

United Way of Winnipeg

University of Winnipeg Criminal Justice Students Assoc.

University of Winnipeg Faculty Assoc.

Vancouver Foundation

 Ms Janice Vansickle

Dr. Kathleen Venema

Dr. Michael Weinrath

































MK Hair Salon

Mrs. Patricia MacBeath

Ms Catherine Macdonald

Mr. Robert MacDonald

Ms Amy Mack

Ms Jan MacPhail

Mr. Joel Madden

Ms Anne Mahon

Mrs. Jane Maksymiuk

Manitoba Physical Education Teachers' Association (MPETA)

Ms Carol Marcelle

Dr. Neil Margolis

Ms Jennifer Ste. Marie

Ms Carol Martens

Dr. Joseph E. Martin

Ms Lindsay Martin

Ms Helene Mathies

Dr. Margo Matwychuk

Ms Bernice Maxwell

Dr. Mary Jane McCallum

McClure United Church

Ms Andrea McCluskey

Mr. Gerren McDonald

Ms Jackie McGowan

Mr. George McKay

Dr. Gordon McKinnon

Ms Tess McLean

Mr. Barry McMillan

Rev. Cliff McMillan

Mr. Ian McMurtrie

Ms Marion McNabb

Mr. Jun Medrano

Mrs. Kathleen Melnyk

Ms Nadia Melon

Mr. Donald Mendel

Ms Estelle Meyers

Ms Kathleen Mico

Dr. Linda Miller

Ms Marlene Milne

Mr. Christopher Minaker

Dr. Linda Moffatt

Ms Joanne Montgomery

Ms Ellen Moorhouse

Ms Alexis Morham

Ms Judith Morrow

Miss Morna-June Morrow

Mr. Robert Moskal

Ms Elisbeth Epp Moyer

Mr. James Moyer

Mr. Kenneth Mozersky

Ms Carmelle Mulaire

Mrs. Betty-Lou Munro

Dr. Barbara Naimark

Ms Barbara Neaman

Ms Kemlin Nembhard

Ms Lisa Nemiroff

Dr. Gabriel Nemoga-Soto

Mr. Larry Nentwig

Mr. Arnold Neufeldt-Fast

Ms Anita Neville

Dr. Glenn Nicholls

Ms Roberta Nicholson

Dr. Gertrude Nicks

Mr. Peter Niebuhr

Paint Nite

Mrs. Helen Norrie

Staff at O.V. Jewitt Community School

Ms Sandra Oakley

Mr. Dalvinder Obhi

Ms Helen Oleszko

Ms Rosa Orlandini

Mr. Jim Orman

Ms Tamika Osiname

Mr. Ethan Osland

Mr. Andrew Ostrander

Mr. Barry Oswald

Dr. Michelle Owen

Ms Theresa Oye

Ms Anne-Marie Palfreeman

Mr. Howard Palmer

Mr. William Parker

Ms Chelsea Peters Parkinson

Mrs. Laurel-Anne Parsons

Dr. Chiragkumar Patel

Ms Leigh Patterson

Ms Carol Pawluk

Ms Sandra Pawluk

Ms Christine Payne

Ms Janet Payne

Dr. Ruth Pearce

Mrs. Shirley Pearlman

Mr. Russell Pedneault

Ms Karen Peleck

Mr. Ed Penner

Ms Irmgard Penner

Mrs. Agnes Peters

Mr. Ed Petersen

Mr. Ken Petkau

Ms Leigha Phelps

Philippine Basketball Association Winnipeg Inc.

Ms Beverley Phillips

Ms Cory Picknicki

Ms Molly Pind

Ms Marina Plett-Lyle

Mr. Matthew Ponech

Mr. Ted Powell

Power to Change

Mr. Douglas Pratt

Ms Margaret Priest

Dr. Evan Pritchard

Mr. Dylan Procter

Mrs. Kathleen Proskin

Dr. Robert Pryce

R.S. Distribution Services

Mr. Rudy Raabe

Randy Viray Financial Services Inc.

Ms Lynn Rankin

Ms Carolyn Ranson

Dr. Ted Redekop

Mr. Harold Redekopp

Mr. Reynold Redekopp

Ms Agnes Regier

Ms Sarah Reilly

Mr. Brian Reimer

Ms Margaret Reimer

Mrs. Mary Reimer

Ms Laurel Repski

Miss Kathleen Richardson

Mrs. Beverley Ridd

Mr. Rusty Rischuk

Ms Catherine Ritchie

Ms Shireen Rizvi

Mr. Ronald Robinson

Mr. Jeffrey Robson

Mr. Edgar Rogalski

Mrs. Leone Rondeau

Ms Renee Roseman

Dr. Harry Rosenbaum

Ms Dorothy Ross

Mr. Terrence Ross

Rotarel Inc. The Pas & District Rotary Club

Ms Rebecca Routhier

Royal Canadian Legion

Royal Canadian Legion Branch #215 - Henderson Hwy

Mr. Colin Russell

Mr. Cesare Sacco

S.J. Parks Sales

Ms Debbie Sallee

Mr. Gaetan Salmon

Mr. Michael Sampson

Ms Elspeth Sangster

Ms Andraea Sartison

Rev. Brock Saunders

Mrs. Helen Schaetzle

Mrs. Helma Schmidt

Ms Audrey Schmidt

Mr. Wesley Schmidt

Ms Gail Schnabl

Ms Barbara Schott

Ms Lara Schroeder

Ms Suzanne Schrofel

Mr. Evan Schulz

Ms Caroline Scollan

Ms Corinne Scott

Ms Diane Scott

Ms Joanne Seel

Mr. Harold Sevier

Ms Christine Sexton

Ms Lindsay Shaddy

Mr. George Shadlock

Sharma Law Office

Mr. James Shaw

Mr. Charles Shawcross

Ms May Shipp

Ms Wilma Shirriff

Ms Olga Shmakina

Mrs. Beth Shore

Mr. Paul Shortt

Ms Kim Sidorchuk

Dr. Kent Simmons

Mr. Surinder Sidhu

Ms Carol Siebert

Mrs. Irene Siemens

Ms Diane Silverthorne

Ms Joan Simpkins

Singh Enterprises Incorporated

Mrs. Anne Skuba

Mr. Jarrod Small

Ms Anita Smith

Dr. Ian Smith

Ms Lori Smith

Mrs. Muriel Smith, OC

Dr. Laurel Snyder

Mr. Kirandeep Sohi

Ms Wilma Sotas

Souris Glenwood Foundation Inc.

South St. Paul Educational Foundation

Ms Shirley Spence

Mr. Ken Squire

St. Francis De Sales Manitoba Catholic Church Of The Deaf

Ms Dawn Stahl

Ms Stephanie Staples

Dr. J. Stearns

Mr. Donald Stein

Ms Joan Stephens

Mr. Gordon Stobbe

Ms Kathryn Stoddart

Ms Viviane St. Yves

Dr. Anna Stokke

Dr. Christopher Storie

Dr. Joni Storie


Ms Mary Anna Surbek

Ms Natalie Swain

Ms Michelle Swanson

Ms Margaret Sweatman

Ms Moira Swinton

Dr. Gina Sylvestre

Ms Twyla Szoke

Mr. Peter Tan

Mr. Abdo El Tassi

Ms Luise Taves

Ms Jana Taylor

Mr. Chris Teetaert

Ms Marcia Terahara

The Boissevain Morton Foundation Inc.

The German-Canadian Studies Foundation, Inc.

The Manitoba Museum

The United Church of Canada Foundation

The University of Winnipeg Classics' Student Association

The University of Winnipeg Retirees Association Ltd.

Mr. John Thiessen

Mrs. Katy Thiessen

Mr. Randolph Thiessen

Mr. Wes Thiessen

Ms Lesley Thomson

Ms Phyllis A.C. Thomson

Dr. Robert Thomas

Mr. Mike Thul

Mr. Ron Timlick

Ms Edith Toews

Mr. Ryan Toews

Ms Sally Tomlinson

Dr. Frank Tough

Transcona Memorial United Church Women

Dr. Paul Trapnell

Ms Anne Marie La Traverse

Mrs. Bonnie Tregobov

Ms Ingrid Truderung

Mr. Beniamino Trunzo

Mr. Theodore Turner

Mr. Glenn Tweed

Mr. David Tymoshchuk

UFCW Local 832

United Way Greater Toronto

United Way Toronto and York Region

University of Winnipeg Club

Ms Virginia Usher

Valenti Financial Corporation

Mr. Kevin Van

Mr. Henry Van Kemenade

Ms Chantal Vermette

Ms Marilyn Wade

Miss Alethea Hilda Wagstaffe

Ms Donna Wainikka

Ms Teruni Walaliyadde

Ms Samara Walbohm

Mrs. Grace Walker

Ms Janet Walker

Ms Linda Walker

Ms Bailey Wall

Ms Irene Wall

Ms Deidra Wallace

Ms Judy Wasylycia-Leis

Dr. Ann Waters-Bayer

Ms Esther Wieler

Winnipeg Airports Authority Inc.

Ms Gwen Wintemute

Mr. Jeffrey Weiner

Ms Brenlee Werner

Mrs. Karen Wheadon

Mr. Thomas Wherrett

Dr. Susan White

Ms Patricia Widish

Dr. Alan Wiebe

Mr. Alfred Wiebe

Ms Arlene Wiebe

Ms Roberta Wiebe

Ms Helen Wieler

Ms Tara Williamson

Ms Harriet Wilson

Dr. David Wiseman

Mr. William Wither

Ms Carol Witt

Mr. Dan Woelk

Ms Karin Woods

Mrs. Barbara Wolch

Ms Laureen Wreggitt

Mr. William Yaworsky

Ms Marilyn Yerkes

Ms Margaret Yole

Mrs. Catriona Younger

Dr. Kathryn Young

Dr. Robert Young

Ms Vicki Zachanowich

Ms Gloria Zakus

Ms Grace Zeppilli

Mr. Mark Zuk



The Foundation also extends grateful thanks to its

anonymous donors. 




*Our donor listing is updated monthly. It includes new pledges and

one time gifts made since January 1, 2018. If you would

like to adjust/remove your name, please contact: