2018 University of Winnipeg Donor List

The University of Winnipeg Foundation

Garry Leach

The importance of your support: The University of Winnipeg and its Foundation are working together to transform the lives of our students by providing an exceptional learning experience based on excellence in teaching and research, support of academic, artistic and athletic pursuits, and commitment to community learning and outreach programs.

Donations from UWinnipeg alumni and friends help us offer our students an afforable world-class education in state-of-the-art facilities.

 Thank you to all of our generous UWinnipeg donors in 2018!


Heritage Educational Foundation



$10,000 - $24,999

The Winnipeg Foundation

Dr. Annette Trimbee



$1,000 - $9,999

Mr. Anshu Arora

Bethel College

Canad Inns

Joanne and/or Bruce Jones

Dr. Susan Lingle

Marymound Inc.

Dr. Gabriel Nemoga-Soto

Mr. Alan Peters

Ms Imogine Peters

RBC Investments (John and Alice Crabb Memorial Trust)

Mr. Rob Scaletta

Ms Mary Thomas

The University Women's Club of Winnipeg-Scholarship Fund

Tommy's Welding Ltd.

Dr. Gabriel Nemoga-Soto

Mr. Rob Scaletta



$1 - $999.99                                         

Ms Behnaz Alimohamadi

Ms Anahita Aminian

Mr. Philip Baker

Ms Norma Baker

Ms Katherine Barber

Mr. Walter Barg

Mr. Gerry Berard

Dr. Glen Bergeron

Dr. Neil Besner

Mr. Mark Bezanson

Mr. Jeff Billeck

Mrs. Jeanette Block

Boundary Consumers Co-operative Limited

Professor Per Brask

Mr. Gordon Buck

Ms Dawn Campbell

Mr. Jonathan Carriere

Mr. Ron Clement

Dr. Edward Cloutis

Community Education Development Association

Ms Anne Cramb

Mrs. Annie Cristobal

Mr. David Crook

Dr. Roewan Crowe

Dr. James Currie

Mr. Brian Daly

Dr. Linwood DeLong

Dr. Fabrizio Di Muro

Ms Cara Dowse

Mr. Garth Drake

Mrs. Shirley Duckworth

Ms Lisa Durupt

Ms Deanna England

Dr. Angela Failler

Dr. Robert Fenton

Dr. Patricia Fitzpatrick

Dr. Paul Fraser

Mrs. Erna Froese

Mr. Kristopher Funk

Mr. William Gadsby

Ms Anne Giardini

Ms Jennifer Gibson

Ms Sharlene Gilbert

Golden Key International Honour Society - University of Wpg

Dr. Fiona Green

Ms Monica Guetre

Ms Bunny Gutnik

Dr. James Hanley

Dr. Peter Herrndorf

Mrs. Barbara Hipple

Mr. Andrew Hretzay

Dr. Peter Janzen

Mr. Eric Johnstone

Ms Lynn Jones

Mr. David Jost

Mr. Jakkree Kanharat

Ms Pamela Keller

Ms Alla Kirshner

Ms Nancy Kostiuk

Dr. John Krahn

Ms Kara-Lea Lafosse

Dr. Paul Lawrie

Mr. Ronnie Lindsay

Mr. Christopher Loewen

Mr. Daniel Louer

Mr. Greg Lupal

Mr. Robert MacDonald

Dr. Ross MacMillan

Ms Darlene Dyck Maguire

Ms Carol Marcelle

Ms Jo-Anne Marcoux

Dr. Kenneth McCluskey

Ms Andrea McCluskey

Ms Kari McCluskey

Ms Lisa McLean

Dr. Kathryn McPherson

Prof. Elizabeth Legge Meanwell

Mr. Donald Mendel

Mr. Allan Miller

Ms Gabrielle Miller

Dr. Linda Moffatt

Ms Carmelle Mulaire

Mr. Larry Nentwig

Mr. Thomas Nicholson

Mr. Peter Niebuhr

Dr. Curtis Nordman

Mr. Andrew Ostrander

Mr. Barry Oswald

Mr. Steven Pataki

Ms Leigh Patterson

Ms Christine Payne

Ms Janet Payne

Power to Change

Mr. Douglas Pratt

Ms Carolyn Ranson

Mr. Jeremy Read

Mr. Ryan Rempel

Mr. Jeffrey Robson

Ms Lea Romanchuk

Mr. Cesare Sacco

Mr. Sudhir Sandhu

Mr. Wesley Schmidt

Ms Joanne Seel

Ms Olga Shmakina

Mr. David Shoesmith

Mr. Paul Shortt

Mr. Dan Shynkaryk

Ms Carol Siebert

Dr. Laurel Snyder

Dr. Laura Sokal

Ms Stephanie Staples

Ms Maria Stevenson


Mr. Peter Tan

Ms Jill Taylor-Brown

Ms Marcia Terahara

The University of Winnipeg Retirees Association Ltd.

Dr. Janis Thiessen

Ms Meite Timshel

Ms Sally Tomlinson

Mr. David Torz

Mr. David Tymoshchuk

Mr. Henry Van Kemenade

Dr. Marcello Venditti

Dr. Kathleen Venema

Ms Teruni Walaliyadde

Ms Deidra Wallace

Dr. Ann Waters-Bayer

Mr. William Wedlake

Mr. Bryce Weedmark

Dr. Michael Weinrath

Mr. Thomas Wherrett

Dr. Craig Willis

Ms Karen Zoppa


The Foundation also extends grateful thanks to its

anonymous donors. 



*Our donor listing is updated monthly. If you would

like to adjust/remove your name, please contact: