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UWinnipeg Foundation Welcomes Elena Anciro, Collegiate Engagement Officer

Tue. Aug. 31, 2021


A day after my appointment at the Foundation was made public, the first people who reached out to me were The University of Winnipeg Collegiate alumni. Right then and there, I knew there was something unique about The Collegiate.

After now many months on the job, I can tell you that The Collegiate is a very special place, and the community of Collegiate alumni, staff, and students is fantastic. As part of our efforts to stay connected with those who care most about The Collegiate, we are proud to announce the addition of our latest team member Elena Anciro. Funded in part by longtime Collegiate donors and community members, Bob and Eileen Stuebing, Elena is set to be our link to all things Collegiate. As part of her position, Elena will be working with members of the administration and donors who are keen to see the Collegiate succeed.

Elena has filled a variety of roles throughout her professional career—including program developer and administrator in the field of career development, theatre education and community engagement manager, and student life coordinator at the post-secondary level.

“In the past, I’ve had the privilege to be part of the student journey in many different ways,” says Elena when asked about what drew her to the position. “I was interested in working at the Foundation because I saw it as a unique opportunity to engage with every step of that journey for both past and present Collegiate students while at the same time being able to build meaningful relationships that will help future students succeed.”

As a University of Winnipeg alumnae, Elena notes that being able to work on Collegiate projects in a familiar environment is an exciting prospect.

“I also live downtown, so it’s great to be able to work in my neighborhood!”

As Collegiate Engagement Officer, Elena is focused on learning about the community and identifying the issues that staff, students and alumni care about most.

“I plan to spend a lot of time listening to members of The Collegiate community in order to help launch a new alumni engagement strategy and fundraising plan.”

Currently the fundraising priorities for The Collegiate include The Model School—a program that provides students from under-represented backgrounds with the opportunity and support needed to graduate from high school and prepare for post-secondary education, the Millennium Entrance Scholarships, and the Dean's Continuing Student Scholarships designed to help students in their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year at The Collegiate.

When asked about what she looks forward to most, Elena says that, “I’ve already heard and read so many stories about how The Collegiate has profoundly impacted the lives of alumni and it’s exciting to be part of creating new opportunities for those who have moved away to reconnect with The Collegiate and each other.”

We are pleased to have Elena on board and hope to share more with you about her efforts! We are also humbled by the trust that Mr. and Mrs. Stuebing have placed in the Foundation. Should you want to get in touch to discuss the details of the position, please feel free to call or email me at j.schwesensky@uwinnipeg.ca or by phone at 204-786-9993. If you’d like to make a gift to The Collegiate, please reach out to Elena at e.anciro@uwinnipeg.ca.