Taxation Receipts/T2202A form

Fee Information

T2202A forms for the previous calendar year will be available by February 28 through WebAdvisor

Your T2202A tax form (Tuition and Education Deduction Form) will be available to you online through your WebAdvisor account at the end of February. T2202A forms are not mailed to students.  Students must go online to retrieve and print their own forms.

T2202A forms are issued online by the University once a year, at the end of February, and cover ALL courses taken and paid for in the previous calendar year. For example, the form issued in February 2014 will cover all courses completed in 2013 (winter, spring, and fall terms).

SEE BELOW for step-by-step instructions for retrieving your T2202A forms via WebAdvisor.

Students will find forms only from recent years in their account. If you need your form from a year prior to 2008, you must order it from Student Central and pay a fee of $15.00 each.

Important: You need to know your WebAdvisor user ID and password to access WebAdvisor and the T2202A PDF forms.

If you do not remember your user ID or password, please try the user ID and password recovery options in WebAdvisor by clicking on Log in and then What’s My User ID? and/or Forgot My Password.

For further assistance, please contact the appropriate office listed below as soon as possible to avoid delays when tax forms are posted.  User ID and password information will not be given over the phone - it can be emailed to an account on file, mailed or picked up. 

Undergraduate and Graduate Studies students:
Please contact Student Central at 204.779.UWIN (8946) or

Professional, Applied and Continuing Education students:
Please contact the PACE office at 204.982.6633 or
: Not all PACE courses qualify for a T2202A.

English as an Additional Language Teacher Certificate Program (TCP) Students:
Please contact the TCP office at 204.982.1816 or

Instructions for accessing your T2202A form on Web Advisor:

  • On the UW Home page select the link to WebAdvisor
  • Select the Login Tab
  • Enter your User ID and Password to login (If you are logging in with a reset password, your reset password will turn into your "old" password and you will be prompted to create a new password of your choice.  ** The new password you choose must contain both letters and numbers, be between 6 - 9 characters in length and cannot be one of your last ten passwords.)
  • Once you are logged into WebAdvisor, select Current Students from the menu in the middle of the screen
  • Under the Financial Information heading, select View my T2202A Information
  • Select the tax year for which you wish to print your T2202A by clicking on the number
  • A summary screen will come up displaying your information for the tax year selected
  • On the summary screen, top left hand side, select `Click here for PDF report'
  • This will bring up your PDF form for your T2202A
  • Once the PDF comes up on your screen, you can save it to a file on your computer or print it for your records.


The T2202A PDF form may not print with all browsers. Recommended browsers are Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.