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The information below is for the 2017 CPA Campus recruitment.


CPA Campus Recruitment is when all of the Approved Training Offices within Manitoba are on campus to recruit students for work placements; full time for students who are graduating, summer placements (May - August) or Co-op Placements (January to April or May to August) for students registered into the Co-op Program. The majority of recruitment for current students is conducted between September and November of every year.

Hiring Organizations can submit their postings via this link: https://uwinnipeg/fbe/cpa-on-campus-recruitment-position-form.html

View the 2017 - 2018 CPA Campus Recruitment Job Postings


Approved Training Offices will send postings to the post-secondary institutions in Manitoba by September 7, 2017. These postings will be made available for viewing on September 8, 2017.


Students interested in pursuing a CPA designation are required to complete 30 months of work experience prior to writing the Common Final Exam. If you are a graduating student, this opportunity will allow you to begin working towards the work experience immediately following graduation in June. Some full time students start in May prior to graduation while others choose to start in September. For students who will not be graduating in June 2018, this allows you to begin working towards completing your work experience at the same time that you are completing your degree at The University of Winnipeg.


Schedule for the 2017 CPA Campus Recruitment:


How To Apply:

Submit CACEE Forms with transcript (copies of unofficial and official transcripts will be accepted) must be submitted to the Christy Campbell - rm: 1BC10 - by 4:00pm by October 2nd, 2017 - for every position you are applying for. Follow the instructions on the posting exactly. Failure to do so may result in your application being rejected. 

A link to the CACEE Form template can be found below.

Additional Resource:

These are just a few of the additional resources available to help you through the CPA Campus Recruitment.  Most training offices have general information about the process on their website as well as additional information about the training office and opportunities available to you as a student.  Ensure that you do your research and find out as much as you can about the training offices that you are wanting to apply to.

CACEE Form, Networking and Interview peparation:

CACEE Form preparation: (you will need to copy this link and paste it in your search bar)

CACEE Form (blank form):

Types of Positions Available:

Full Time - these positions are for students who will be graduating by December 2018 or June 2018 - depending on the start date

Summer Positions - these positions are for students who are not enrolled in the Co-op Program and will be returning to the University of Winnipeg in September 2018

Co-op Positions - these positions are for students who have been admitted into the Co-op Program. To be accepted into the Co-op Program, you must meet all of the academic requirements, which can be found at in the Application Form. Students who choose to apply to the Co-op Program will be required to attend the CPA recruitment sessions, as well as, participate in all of the Co-op Program's Pre-Placement Training Sessions. For more information about the University of Winnipeg's Co-operative Education Program, contact the Program Coordinator, Holly Bochurka at

If this information does not answer all of your questions regarding the CPA Campus Recruitment, contact Christy Campbell at