CPA Campus Recruitment

Faculty of Business and Economics

Students who are intersted in obtaining a position with an organization that offers a pre-approved program route are invited to particpate in the CPA Fall Recruitment. These positons will count toward your 30 months of work experience that is needed for your CPA designation.

The job postings are for permanent, summer and coop (winter and summer term) positions. Please note that the majority of postings with these organziations are done during the Fall Recruitment.

Students who wish to be added to the email list for the September 2018 CPA Campus Recruitment, please email Christy Campbell at

Job Posting Submission

Firms and organizations please use the online form to submit your job postings.

The link to the online form is https://uwinnipeg/fbe/cpa-on-campus-recruitment-position-form.html

CPA Fall Campus Recruitment - Student Information

Types of Positions Available:

Full Time - these positions are for students who are graduating in October 2018, February 2019 and June 2019

Summer Positions - these positions are for students who are not enrolled in the Co-op Program and will be returning to the University of Winnipeg in September 2019

Co-op Positions - these positions are for students who have been admitted into the Co-op Program. To be accepted into the Co-op Program, you must meet all of the academic requirements, which can be found at in the Application Form. Students who choose to apply to the Co-op Program will be required to attend the CPA recruitment sessions, as well as, participate in all of the Co-op Program's Pre-Placement Training Sessions. For more information about the University of Winnipeg's Co-operative Education Program, contact the Program Coordinator, Holly Bochurka at

Applicatons and Job Postings

Approved Training Offices will send postings to the Universities, these postings will be made available for students to view on September 6, 2018.

The application for each job posting will be a CACEE form and a transcript (official or unoffical). If you apply for 6 jobs, you will need to complete 6 CACEE forms.

There are some firms that will want you to apply online directly to their firm. So make sure to read the job postings carefully. Firms may also request hard copies or soft copies (electronic files) to be submitted. These will be submitted directly to the Christy Campbell and she will arrange to send the info directly to each firm.

The submission deadline for all postings is October 1, 2018. Christy's office is located on the main floor of the Buhler Centre, office 1BC10. On the deadline day, the forms should be submitted by 2:00 pm.

Follow the instructions on the posting exactly. Failure to do so may result in your application being rejected. 

CACEE Form (blank form):

Important Dates

September 6 - Job Postings available

September 27 - ASBAA Wine & Cheese (Networking Opportunity)

October 1 - CACEE Form Submission Deadline for all job postings

October 9 - Firms send Shortlist for job interviews to University Contact

October 11 - Sign up for interviews times (students will be informed by email if they were selected for an interview(s)

October 15-26 - First Round Interviews

October 29 - Nov 9 - Second Round Interviews

November 19 - Offers Extended (Full-time)

November 22 - Students Accept/Decline (Full-time)

November 19 - Students with 2nd Round Interviews submit Ranking form (Summer & Co-op)

November 22 - Ranking Results Released (Summer & Co-op)


Please contact Christy Campbell at or 204.786.9990.