Master in Management

Faculty of Business and Economics


The University of Winnipeg has designed an innovative program that allows you to obtain your Master in Management (MiM) degree while working full-time.  Developed in collaboration with industry, the University's Department of Business and Administration offers the program through a combination of in-person class time and a series of online courses.  The program may be completed on a part-time basis over a period of two years or on a full-time basis taken over one year.

The MiM is a 30-credit hour course-based degree with a focus on technology, innovation and operations - the constant evolution of which are common challenges in any industry.  It's the perfect fit for those whose career is focused on the management of organizations and its resources.

Here are some benefits of the MiM Program:

Accelerate your career: Diversify your skillset and fulfill your long-term career goals.  The MiM prepares you with marketable skills, attractive to the organization you work for currently, and also to future potential employers.

Earn a Masters: Earn the credentials you may need without taking time off work.

Keep a healthy work-life balance: You have the choice to complete your MiM degree online on either a part-time or full-time basis.

Unlock your potential: Meet your life-long learning objectives.

Peace of mind: Know that you're earning your graduate degree from a highly respected Canadian institution with supports in place to help you succeed.

For more detailed information on the MiM program, admission requirements, degree information and contacts, please visit: