Experiential Learning Network

Experiential Learning

What is The University of Winnipeg Experiential Learning Network (ELN)?

The Experiential Learning Network or ELN is comprised of dedicated, engaged and knowledgeable students, staff and faculty. In Spring 2008, ELN (formerly ELiN) was formed to coordinate initiatives developed through SUNSET (Sustainable University Now, Sustainable Earth Together), courses with practicum components, teach-ins offered through the Institute for Literacy and Transformative Learning, as well as university-wide RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) initiatives and consultations with the University Registrar. 

ELN's Objectives are to:

Support the development of community-service/experiential learning in all its aspects for the university, faculty, staff, prospective and current students, and community partners.

Aspects include:

-Development and integration of community-university partnerships offered as curricular, co-curricular and/or extra-curricular possibilities

-Intersection with adult learner needs through Recognition of Prior Learning and related lifelong learning initiatives

-Facilitation of university-community gatherings to share existing expertise

-Participation in the programs/initiatives developed by the Senior Administration, the Coordinator of Adult Learner Services and RPL, the Director of Community Learning, the Global College and the Director of Campus Sustainability that:

~Advocate for students interested in community-service/experiential learning

~Mentor students, faculty, and staff to promote awareness of community-service/experiential learning networks, opportunities, and practices

~Assist faculty in the development of community-service/experiential learning options and expertise

~Represent the learning achieved through community-service/experiential learning initiatives

~Develop flexible and authentic assessment practices

~Build community-service/experiential learning partnerships with local, national, and international programs/projects/processes

~Support community-service/experiential learning research

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