CurrentAll upcoming events plus events from the previous month. Mar 04 09:00:02 CST 2024Events - Cascade CMS27f6fa9f730362d85a1691d417be6f51f0Webinar Wednesdays: Applying for Student Aid (Spring Term) webinar that will cover everything that you need to know about applying for Manitoba student aid for Spring Term.falsefalsefalseStudent ServicesStudentsf63c41030362d85a1691d4170bfc2a5eWebinar Wednesdays: Test Anxiety webinar will share strategies to both understand how anxiety impacts our performance in exams, and ways to reduce the impact of anxiety while we take our exams.falsefalsefalseHealth and WellnessStudent ServicesStudentsf62f93cd0362d85a1691d4171426f411Webinar Wednesdays: Self-Compassion way to increase our well-being and improve our mental health is to be self-compassionate. In this webinar, we will explore this term and learn how we might be more compassionate with ourselves.falsefalsefalseStudent ServicesHealth and WellnessStudentsf61e39270362d85a1691d417688aacc1Webinar Wednesdays: Planning for Spring Term Registration Term is a unique, optional term. Learn about some of the differences from other terms and get some tips to help your registration go smoothly.falsefalsefalseStudent ServicesStudentsf5c1ddd50362d85a1691d417388dcb52Money Talks - Financial Planning for Fall 2024 about the many advantages of starting to plan your finances for Fall Term sooner rather than later.\u00A0 Sign up for this webinar, aimed at current students.\u00A0falsefalsefalseStudent ServicesStudentsf5ac989b0362d85a1691d417dd6a2e9dMoney Talks - Financial Literacy & Financial Wellness literacy is having the knowledge, skills and confidence to make good financial decisions. Find out how you, as a student, can improve your financial literacy at this Money Talks webinar.falsefalsefalseStudent ServicesStudentsf1fa5d350362d85a1691d4177e9ccd3eMoney Talks - Manitoba Student Aid Repayment you are graduating soon, it's time to get some practical advice and helpful tips on re-paying your student loan. Register on the Awards website for this webinar.falsefalsefalseStudent ServicesStudentsf1ed30c70362d85a1691d4175cb7c56bMoney Talks - Convocation Awards out more about awards available for students who are graduating this Spring (or who have already graduated in Fall 2023 or February 2024). Sign up now for this Zoom session!falsefalsefalseStudent ServicesStudentsf1de80f70362d85a1691d417e5ace875Good Friday - University Closed campus will be closed for Good Friday.truefalsefalseAcademic DatesFacultyStaffStudentsCommunityf1d686ff0362d85a1691d417c14f14a9Final Date to Withdraw for Winter Term is the final date to withdraw without academic penalty from courses which began in January and end in April.\r\ntruefalsefalseAcademic DatesStudent ServicesStudentseb62cc640362d85a1691d417c1362466Introduction to Participatory Action Research the CBRTC for a workshop on Participatory Action Research led by Dr. Julie Chamberlain, Stacy Cardigan Smith, and others involved in a PAR project on grassroots approaches to safety. Held at the North End Campus. Lunch will be provided.falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-alt541 Selkirk AvenueAcademic EventsStudentsStaffFacultyd102ba210362d85a1691d4174b0d0424Life of Fire: Talk by Amy Mazowita scholar Amy Mazowita discusses her photo-based research project in progress, \"Life of Fire: An Ethnography of Smoke, Flame, Ash, and Earth\", which documents fire-affected landscapes of Whiteshell Provincial Park (Treaty 3).falsefalsefalseArts and CultureAlumniCommunityFacultyStaffStudentsd6a925c30362d85a1691d417166de746Structural White Supremacy is the Common Denominator: Notes from a decade of hard conversations Sociology Department welcomes all to attend a talk by this year's visiting lecturer, Dr. Ajay Parasram.falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-alt2L17Academic EventsAlumniCommunityFacultyStaffStudents5be23e620362d85a1691d41714b16f62Building Trans Solidarity Series: Dr. Trish Salah part of the Building Trans Solidarity Series, we are pleased to host a keynote lecture with Dr. Trish Salah. Dr. Salah\u2019s lecture explores the cultural, literary, and political conditions of possibility for Writing Trans Genres\/Decolonizing and Decriminalizing Trans Genres.falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altRiddell HallArts and CultureAlumniCommunityFacultyProspective StudentsStaffStudentsd1052e820362d85a1691d41737f2ee63Artist Talk by Christina Battle 1C03 exhibiting artist Christina Battle will provide an overview of her recent multimedia work which makes evident the intersections between environmental, social, political and economic issues facing us today.falsefalsefalseArts and CultureStudentsStaffAlumniCommunityFacultyc736c9910362d85a1691d417ddeacd24Open Access Town Hall Tri-Agency is revising its Open Access (OA) Policy on Publications . A crucial step of the revision process is engaging with members of the research and scholarly publishing communities. Come to share your perspective on open access. We'll capture your feedback and provide it to the Tri-Agency.falsetruefalsefas fa-map-marker-alt3RC060Academic EventsFacultyStaffb3dc7e4b0362d85a1691d4171ecc4e83Lunch and Learn: Introduction to Indigenous Protocols Lunch and Learn session will address issues and share knowledge relating to tobacco offerings, honour song protocols, opening prayers and the University of Winnipeg Elders Policy. This session for UW faculty, staff and students, with more information and more time for a Q&A period.falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-alt2M73Academic EventsAlumniCommunityFacultyStaffStudentsb276c1b60362d85a1691d4179144cb41Il Foro Lecture Series: Dr. Jino Distasio Jino Distasio (Professor, Geography, UWinnipeg) will give a public lecture at 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 21, at the Caboto Centre (1055 Wilkes Avenue). The title of his talk is Finding Home through Community: Reflections on Housing as a Human Right. For more information, please email Christopher Bidinosti.falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-altCaboto Centre (1055 Wilkes Avenue)Academic EventsAlumniCommunityFacultyStaffStudents6abdf1500362d85a1691d417a6d54550Migrant Bodies, That Matter: The Unmarked Graves of the Trans-Mediterranean Buried in Sicily and Lampedusa, Italy by Modern Languages and Literatures, join Dr. Paolo Matteucci for this conference exploring burial in contemporary Italy, in the specific context of funerary art, and with a focus on the victims of trans-Mediterranean migrations.falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-alt3C29Academic EventsAlumniCommunityFacultyStaffStudents6a77209a0362d85a1691d4179fb1dc7bMedia Escalation and New Transparencies lecture will examine the role of media escalation in driving new technologies and cultures of transparency, using examples from research on military technology and \u201Cconfessional\u201D social media practices. Zoom webinar.falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-alt515 Portage AvenueArts and CultureAlumniCommunityFacultyStaffStudents6a76875f0362d85a1691d4173461f8b1Surveillance and the Global War on Terror: Muslims and 21st-Century Racism Global War on Terror triggered the implementation of a series of counterterrorism laws globally. The racialization of Muslims through their hyper surveillance in the United States, the UK, India, and China as a result of the Global War on Terror is examined in this presentation.falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-alt515 Portage AvenueArts and CultureAlumniCommunityFacultyStaffStudents55c5fd430362d85a1691d41799de5e15Science Rendezvous Volunteer Info Sessions Rendezvous needs volunteers! The University of Winnipeg will be hosting this fun STEM outreach event on campus in May 2024.falsefalsefalsefas fa-map-marker-alt4M37Academic EventsStaffStudents68bb723e0362d85a1691d41751e1a1c1High School Enrichment Program High School Enrichment Program, which runs April 29\u2013May 3, 2024, provides students in grades 9 through 12 with a glimpse into their post-secondary future.truefalsefalse School Students sitting on steps on front lawn in summerAcademic EventsProspective Students18f58a3e0362d85a1691d4179402ae71Ready, Set, Go: Academic Integrity and Misconduct's important for students, faculty, and staff to work together to create an honest and fair learning environment. In this session, we'll talk about what constitutes academic misconduct and what strategies you can use to avoid it.falsefalsefalseAcademic EventsStudents32b2793c0362d85a1691d417fbc9a7f2Mental Health First Aid for this two-day course to learn how to provide Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) to a person who may be experiencing a decline in their mental well-being or a mental health crisis.falsefalsefalseHealth and WellnessFacultyStaff32b1fcc60362d85a1691d4179bdc5a43Mental Health First Aid for this two-day course to learn how to provide Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) to a person who may be experiencing a decline in their mental well-being or a mental health crisis.falsefalsefalseHealth and WellnessFacultyStaffd107a5b00362d85a1691d4174fe47109FORECAST: An exhibition by Christina Battle explores the entanglement between environmental, social, political, and economic challenges facing the current moment. With a focus on air quality and weather prediction, video, banner, and sculptural works in this exhibition consider the complex ways in which we both sense and anticipate the climate crisis.falsefalsetrue1weekly[]day of the month2024-04-12T00:00-0500fas fa-map-marker-altGallery 1C03Arts and CultureAlumniCommunityFacultyStaffStudents