In Fall 2018, the English department is introducing a simplified set of requirements for the Honours Degree.

The changes to the program are as follows:

1) Reducing the minimum credit hours in 4000-level courses for a Single Honours from 30 to 24 and reducing the minimum credit hours in 4000-level courses for Double Honours from 24 to 18

2) Eliminating the 6 credit hours of study in a second language

3) Eliminating Lists A and B and replacing them with minimum of 3 credit hours from each of five designated areas of study

Students must continue to take ENGL-2142(6) Field of Texts and Cultures as a co-requisite for 4000-level courses. Students also must complete either ENGL-3151(6) Critical Theory: An Introduction OR ENGL-4110(6) Critical Theory in addition to a minimum of 3 credit hours in each of the five areas of study listed below. Please note that not all of these courses will be offered every year, but at least 3 credits in each area will be offered to ensure timely completion of the degree:

1. English Literature to 1789

               ENGL-4823(3) Old English Language

               ENGL-4841(3) Old English Literature

               ENGL-4242 (3/6) Medieval Literature and Culture

               ENGL-4251(3/6) Early Modern Literature and Culture

               ENGL-4270(3/6) Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture

2. English Literature 1789-1945

               ENGL-4211(3/6) Romanticism

               ENGL-4281(3/6) Victorian Literature and Culture

               ENGL-4285(3/6) Modernist Literature and Culture

3. Global Literatures

               ENGL-4720(3/6) American Literature and Culture

               ENGL-4710(3/6) Canadian Literature and Culture

               ENGL-4717(3/6) Indigenous Literatures and Cultures

               ENGL-4730(3/6) Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures

4. Culture and Identity

               ENGL-4160(3/6) Young People’s Texts and Cultures

               ENGL-4901(3/6) Gender, Literature, and Culture

               ENGL-4903(3/6) Critical Race Studies

5. Texts, Forms, and Practices

               ENGL-4294(3/6) Contemporary Literature and Culture

               ENGL-4403(3/6) Author, Genre, or Form

               ENGL-4741(3/6) Screen Studies

               ENGL-4742(3/6) Cultural Studies


Most of these courses are “topics” courses and can be repeated once for credit if the topic varies.

Students must still complete the general degree requirements: 12 credit hours of Humanities courses; 6 credit hours of Sciences; 3 credit hours of academic writing; 3 credit hours to fulfill the Indigenous course requirement (see Undergraduate Calendar for details)

New Courses:

ENGL-3814 (3) Topics in the Englishes of the Past

ENGL-3725 (3/6) Topics in Cultural Studies 

ENGL-3730 (3/6) American Literature

ENGL-4403 (3/6) Author, Genre, or Form

ENGL-4742 (3/6) Cultural Studies

ENGL-4903 (3/6) Critical Race Studies

The following courses have been deleted: *

ENGL-3720 (6) American Literature and Culture to 1914

ENGL-3721 (6) American Literature and Culture After 1914

ENGL-4261 (6) Seventeenth-Century Literature

ENGL-4301 (6) Chaucer

ENGL-4311 (6) Topics in Shakespeare

ENGL-4341 (3) Individual Author I

ENGL-4342 (3) Individual Author II

ENGL-4442 (6) Topics in Drama and Dramatic Theory


* if you have taken any of these deleted  courses, it is still possible to  count them for credit toward your Honours BA.  Please see the Department Chair if you wish to discuss this option.

Students who have enrolled in the Honours English Program prior to 2018 can elect to complete the Honours Degree under either the old or new set of requirements.

If you wish to complete the degree according to the new requirements but you enrolled in the program prior to 2018, you will need to change the catalogue year associated with your student record by filling out this form:  and handing it in to Student Central. To access the form on the webpage, click on “Student,” then, “Forms” within the Academic Resources list.

Once the form is processed, your “progress” page in Student Planning will indicate U2018 as your catalogue year if you are completing the degree under the new requirements.

For students completing the degree under the old requirements, your catalogue year will be U2017 or earlier.

Please make an appointment with the Honours Chair (Heather Milne if you have any questions or wish to discuss your options.

Course offerings for 2018-2019 will be announced in March and posted to the English Department website.