Scott Crompton


Scott Crompton Title: Instructor
Office: 2M69
Building: Manitoba
Phone: 204.786.9203

Biography: Scott Crompton teaches Film Studies and English and joins The University of Winnipeg for the 2017-18 school year to teach Popular Literature and Film (ENGL-2180) with a focus on Weird Fiction. The course builds on his interests in genre fiction and film, especially horror and sci-fi, as well the impact of multimedia and technology in our experience of the world (and the Weird).     
Teaching Areas: Introductory textual analysis, genre theory and history (concepts of fantasy, the fantastic, and fandom), reader-response theory and cognitivism; camp reception; feminist film theory; and he’ll tell you about everything that’s right and wrong with Star Trek. 

Courses: (FW) ENGL-2180.6-001 Popular Literature & Film