Sarah Bezan


Sarah Bezan Title: Instructor
Office: 2M69
Building: Manitoba Hall
Phone: 204.786.9203


Sarah Bezan is a PhD Candidate in English at The University of Alberta, where she recently completed a dissertation on the evolutionary aesthetics of Charles Darwin. Her next research project examines visual narratives of prehistoric life by contemporary paleoartists, including Canadian scientific illustrator Julius Csotonyi. During the 2017-2018 academic year, Sarah will serve as a Research Affiliate at the Institute for the Humanities at The University of Manitoba.

Teaching Areas:

Environmental Literatures; Animal Studies; Contemporary Women's Writing; History and Philosophy of Natural Science


(F) ENGL-1000.3-005 English 1A


Edited Volumes:

Seeing Animals After Derrida. Ed. Sarah Bezan and James Tink. Lanham: Lexington Books, Rowman & Littlefield Imprint (In Press; 2017).

Thompson Butler, Elizabeth. Waterloo Diary: Woman Battle Artist in Training. Ed. Juliet McMaster with Sarah Bezan, Adela Burke, Brandi Goddard, Yifan Li, and Kaarina Mikalson. Sydney, Australia: Juvenilia Press, 2015.


Refereed Journal Articles:

“Necro-Eco: The Ecology of Death in Jim Crace’s Being Dead.” Mosaic: A Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature 48.3 (Sept. 2015): 191-207. *Reprinted in Jim Crace. Ed. Lawrence Trudeau. Contemporary Literary Criticism Series. Layman Poupard Publishing, 2018 (forthcoming).

 “Shame as a Structure of Feeling: Raped and Prostituted Women in J.M. Coetzee’s Disgrace and Futhi Ntshingila’s Shameless.” Journal of the African Literature Association 7.1 (Summer/Fall 2012): 15-24.   

 "This earth, hot like burning coals’: Alchemical Transmutation in Animal’s People.” Criterion 5 (Spring 2012): 99-108. [Graduate Journal]

 “From the Mortician’s Scalpel to the Butcher’s Knife: Towards an Animal Thanatology.” Journal for Critical Animal Studies 10.1 (Winter 2012): 119-37.


Book Chapters:

“Vegetal Flesh: Embodying Edibility in Jim Crace’s The Devil’s Larder.” In Writing Meat: Flesh-Eating and Literature Since 1900. Eds. Sean McCorry and John Miller. London: Palgrave, 2018 (forthcoming).

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Non-Peer Reviewed Publications:

“Draw a New Circle.” In Theory: A Newsletter of the Cornell University International School of Criticism and Theory (2016): 550 words. [Invited contribution.]

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