Peter Melville


Peter Melville Title: Associate Professor
Office: 2A32
Building: Ashdown
Phone: 204.786.9261


Peter Melville is Associate Professor at the University of Winnipeg, where he teaches courses on Romanticism, critical theory, and fantasy fiction. He is currently engaged in two research projects: the first focuses on figures of refuge in the novels of William Godwin and Mary Shelley; while the second considers aspects of disability, shame, and class warfare in contemporary epic fantasy, including the novels of Stephen Donaldson, Brandon Sanderson, and Robin Hobb.

Teaching Areas: Romanticism, Critical & Cultural Theory, Fantasy Fiction


(F) ENGL-1000.3-003 English 1A

(F) ENGL-2604.3-001 Poetry and Poetic Forms




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Special Issues

Co-editor, with Michelle Faubert. Special Issue "Romanticism and Rights". European Romantic Review 27.3 (2016).

Essays & Book Chapters

"The 'sick imagination' of Godwin's Fleetwood." Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net. 25 par. Forthcoming.


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