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Doris Wolf

Doris Wolf Title: Associate Professor
Phone: 204.789.1473
Office: 2A44
Building: Ashdown
Email: d.wolf@uwinnipeg.ca


Doris Wolf teaches in the Department of English and the Faculty of Education’s Access programs. She is also the Director of the Centre for Research in Young People’s Texts and Cultures (CRYTC) and an editor for Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures. She currently researches and publishes in the areas of Canadian Aboriginal picture books and graphic narratives and memoirs about German childhoods in World War Two.

Teaching Areas:
Young people’s texts and cultures; Aboriginal children’s literature; Canadian literature; lifewriting.


(F) ENGL-3119-001 Canadian Children's Literature and Culture

(F) ENGL-3119-250/251 Canadian Children's Literature and Culture


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