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Catherine Tosenberger

Catherine Tosenberger Title: Associate Professor
Phone: 204.786.9354
Office: 2A41
Building: Ashdown
Email: c.tosenberger@uwinnipeg.ca

I am currently working on multiple areas of research into fairy tales and folklore, primarily the use of fairy tales in pornography and erotica; the use of folklore in Neo-Pagan religions; young adult literature and folklore, and folklore and sexuality. I received my MA in folklore from Ohio State University, and my PhD in children’s literature and folklore from the University of Florida.

Teaching Areas:
Young People’s Texts and Cultures, folklore


(F) ENGL-1004-001 Reading Culture

(F) ENGL-3756-001 Topics in Ancient Literature

(F) ENGL-4160-001 Topics in YPTC


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