Catherine Hunter


Catherine Hunter Title: Professor
Office: 2A40
Building: Ashdown
Phone: 204.786.9283


Catherine Hunter earned her BA(Hons) from the UW and an MA and PhD from the University of Victoria. Her new novel, After Light, spans four generations of an Irish-American-Canadian family in an exploration of love, war, trauma, and the power of art. Her other books, including poetry collections, mysteries, and a novella, are listed below. Cyclops Press recorded a CD of her poems, Rush Hour, with a bonus track by The Weakerthans, in 2002. Her essays, reviews, and creative work have appeared in journals, including Essays on Canadian Writing, Matrix, West Coast Line, Prairie Fire, CV2, and Grain, and anthologies, including The Echoing Years: Contemporary Poetry from Canada and Ireland; Post Prairie: An Anthology of New Poetry; Best Canadian Poems 2013; and Best Canadian Poems 2015. She edited Exposed, an anthology of five new women poets, and Before the First Word: The Poetry of Lorna Crozier, and for ten years she was the editor of The Muses’ Company poetry press. She has had the extraordinary good fortune to teach literature and creative writing in the UW English department since 1991.

Teaching Areas: Creative Writing


(F) ENGL-2002.3-001 The Creative Process

(FW) ENGL-3101.6-001 Creative Writing Comprehensive

(W) ENGL-3114.3-001 Writing Poems

(F) ENGL-3116.3-001 Topics in Creative Writing: Creative Research



After Light.  Winnipeg: Signature, 2015.

Queen of Diamonds.  Winnipeg: Turnstone/Ravenstone, 2006.

In the First Early Days of My Death.  Winnipeg: Signature, 2002.

The Dead of Midnight.  Winnipeg: Turnstone/Ravenstone, 2001.

Where Shadows Burn.  Winnipeg: Turnstone/Ravenstone, 1999.

Latent Heat.  Winnipeg: Signature [formerly Nuage], 1997.

Lunar Wake.  Winnipeg: Turnstone, 1992.

Necessary Crimes. Winnipeg: Blizzard, 1988.