Carla Manfredi


Carla Manfredi Title: Assistant Professor
Office: 2A37
Building: Ashdown Hall
Phone: 204.786.9281


My book, Robert Louis Stevenson’s Pacific Impressions: Travel and Photography, 1888-1894, tackles photography’s role during Stevenson’s travels throughout the Pacific Island region. My current research focuses on another Victorian writer-traveller: George Gissing. I’m currently working on an article-length study of Gissing’s By the Ionian Sea: Notes of a Ramble in Southern Italy (1899) and his ethnographic interest for the human populations and cultures of Magna Græcia.

Teaching Areas:
British poetry and prose; nineteenth-century literature; travel literature; colonial literature


(FW) ENGL-1001-003 English 1

(F) ENGL-4281-001 Victorian Literature and Culture

(F) GENG-7740-001 Topics in Local, National, and Global Literatures


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