Q&A - Spring 2020

Question & Answer about Spring 2020

Spring 2020 - Online

Questions & Answers

1 - Are online English Language Program (ELP) courses available for Spring term?

Yes. In response to the Covid-19 situation, all of the ELP’s classes will be held through alternate delivery. Spring term classes are currently being offered online. We have developed online courses that will be delivered on two main platforms. Nexus will be used for content delivery and Zoom for live classes.

Nexus is UW’s learning management system. It will provide a weekly class schedule and content from their instructors (handouts, articles, etc.). Also Nexus will provide quizzes and assignments to be completed by students, a discussion board forum to communicate with classmates and a platform to interact with instructors and receive help.

Students will have Zoom classes during set hours. Classes will be held from 9am-12pm in the morning and 1pm-3pm in the afternoon. All students will be expected to attend their classes during set class hours. Students who cannot attend should inform their instructor and will be able to take the classes at an alternate time via recording.

2- Will student life activities be available during Spring term?

Student Life activities are designed to add value through intercultural exchange and social connections. The program will have a minimum of one main activity per week where students will have the opportunity to interact with their peers. This main activity will be offered at different times to accommodate students in different time zones.

The activities will be delivered using a variety of platforms such as Zoom, Kahoot!, Netflix, TED talks, Websites, etc. Complementary resources necessary to carry out activities may be sent via email or made available on virtual drives as needed.

3 – Which services will be available to students in case I need support during this time?

Our Registration office is working remotely during online classes and they are available to answer any questions or requests you might have regarding our services through email at

Student support services provided by the Student Life Office also will be offered online. This includes support services for homestay and health insurance.

The Homestay Office will provide assistance and guidance to students and their host families by phone and email. The emergency telephone number will continue to be available for cases requiring immediate attention and support.

Students who are in Canada and have questions or need assistance regarding health insurance can contact the Student Life Coordinator by email. Our partners from and safe have designed a series of videos and seminars to promote and support mental health.