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Communication Coaching

Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) are a valuable source of human capital filling skilled labour shortages in many Canadian work sectors. Employers recognize that the technical expertise of the IEP is often exceptional, but challenges with workplace culture and communication can exist and are sometimes complex competencies to acquire when English is not one’s first language. 

The Communication Coaching Program provides intensive training in the areas of cultural competence, technical writing and oral communication skills to IEPs in the workplace. The program uses adult learning principles to ensure that the needs of the participants are addressed during the program.

Why Choose Communication Coaching?

Communication Coaching can identify gaps in workplace communication skills and help to resolve them by developing a customized learning program based on the specific needs of a client. Through this personalized approach, clients can quickly enhance their English Communication skills. 

Our Communication Coaches specialize in technical communication for IEP's and can help improve technical writing, speaking and pronunciation skills and more. The Communication Coaches employed by our program must have the right combination of teaching experience and expertise in the business field applicable to the nature of the employer's business. 

Program Description

There are three stages of the program:

 Stage 1 – Pre-Program

  • Assess needs of the participating employee by conducting an initial meeting with the employee and their respective supervisors/managers to identify specific communication needs which require coaching.
  • Agree on goals and objectives to be accomplished during the program between all parties involved.
  • The time schedule of the program is agreed upon by all parties.

Stage 2 – During the Program

The Communication Coach will:

  • Provide on-going feedback and adjustment to the program based on the needs of the participating employee and the organization.
  • Conduct a mid-point formative evaluation for the employee to ensure coaching sessions are meeting their needs.

Stage 3 – Post-Program

The Communication Coach will:

  • Conduct final evaluation process with the employee.
  • Provide an individual report to the employee to identify successful areas of learning and continued growth.
  • Submit final program report to the organization and Program Coordinator.

Additional Information

To discuss how we can meet your needs and for fee information, please contact: 

email: infoelp@uwinnipeg.ca
Call: 204.982.1703