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Online Student Testimonial

Jeneave Bordeos - 14 Week Program

Janev Photo "I am grateful that I successfully completed my Academic 5 program in ELP last April 2020 where I really learned a lot of things. I enrolled in this program to enhance my writing skills and to help me in my educational goals. I am proud to say that I made a good decision because ELP never failed me and even exceeded my expectations.

ELP provided an array of activities that developed my writing, reading, listening and speaking competencies. I enjoyed the morning conversation partner activities because aside from boosting my confidence in speaking, I also discovered new things through listening to the ideas and experiences of other people. We did a lot of reading and writing tasks that are so beneficial if you plan to continue in the University. ELP taught me all the strategies in summarizing, paraphrasing, organizing ideas, making presentations and using APA that are so critical in Academic and even in Business set-up.

It was mid-March that we transitioned from classroom setting to an online class because of the pandemic. At first, I felt anxious that the quality of learning might change and I was afraid that I might not able to adjust. I am thinking about a lot of “what ifs” , but I still chose to adapt and to learn in what we call the “new normal”.

Is it challenging? Yes, aside from numerous distractions, you also have to understand the online technology. However it did not last long, as we go on with the program, all of us learned quickly and felt confident in using online platform. The discussions remained interactive and engaging. We even continued with our group projects and presentations. Also, Instructors persistently encouraged and monitored us. They never let us feel that we were isolated. Even if we are only working with them online, they never stopped in giving us all the support that we need. We still followed the course outline and complete all the tasks and activities as if we are in a real classroom.

Moreover, I found some advantages in online learning such as the flexibility on my schedule, the comfort of not traveling and it actually helped me to be a self-driven person. I learned to find ways on how to face every challenges I encountered. I realized that to be a successful learner is not just about being in the physical classroom, but it is a matter of self-discipline, self-motivation and dedication.

Maybe many students are hesitant about attending online class for different reasons, but I am encouraging everyone not to let this limitation interfere your academic goals. Even if it is a virtual learning, you will still get the education that you need. Just believe in yourself, remain focus then definitely you will succeed in your studies."