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Online Student Testimonial

Yana Strashok - 14 Week Program

Yana's photo "ELP gave me invaluable experience for my further studies in the best possible way.

I was taught how to write different types of essays and research paper, which will be extremely useful during my undergraduate program. Due to this, I will not face struggles while doing assignments, and I will save great amount of time, which is essential for me since I study in two universities at once.

Furthermore, I got familiar with Canadian traditions and habits in writing, speaking, and thinking. This part will help me communicate better with future professors and classmates.

Moreover, I became even more organized than I had been before ELP. Many hard assignments and material to learn taught me how to manage my time in the most efficient way to success.

Overall, it was an excellent preparation before my major degree to achieve all my goal more quickly and seamlessly."