ESL Teacher Certificate Program - Level II

ESL Teacher Certificate Program

ESL Teacher Certificate  Program - Level II TESL Training

The English Language Program department within the University of Winnipeg is currently in the process of developing a program supplement to the ESL Teacher Certificate Program. When completed (2015), this supplement will allow EAL teachers with TESL Canada Level 1 certification (equivalent) from any institution to be eligible for TESL Canada Level 2 certification (equivalent). This program involves completion of five of the following courses:

  • Teaching English for Specific Purposes
  • Content-Based Language Teaching
  • Advanced Grammar Structures and Pedagogy
  • Experiential and Service Learning
  • EAL and Literacy
  • Independent Project in TESL 

Courses can also be taken individually; a letter of completion and a certificate will be issued upon completion of each course.

Content-Based Language Teaching

The Content-Based Language Teaching course provides in-depth training to individuals who work with EAL students within their content-area classes. It is offered online, with flexible delivery to meet the needs of students’ schedules.
In this course, participants will have the opportunity to discuss and apply content-based teaching strategies and develop resources for multilevel content-based classes. Participants will complete focused readings, view webinars, conduct research, and complete practical assignments to guide their development within the field of content-based language teaching. 

The course Content-Based Language Teaching involves the completion of 12 online modules, including:
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • Supporting the Transition to the Canadian Classroom
  • Building Academic Language & Vocabulary
  • Planning for Content-Based Language Teaching
  • Developing Proficient Readers, Writers, Speakers, and Listeners
  • Parental Involvement & Community Support

Course length: The course is the equivalent of a 36 hour (3 credit-hour) course. This course will be offered in for the first time in the summer 2014 session as an online course.

Teaching English for Specific Purposes

The ESP Teacher Training course is one of the courses in the supplemental program to the ESL Teacher Certificate Program. This course provides training to individuals looking to specialize in teaching teaching English for specific purposes. It is offered online, with flexible course start dates and due dates, to meet the needs of each student.  In this course, students complete focused readings, assignments, observations, and research to guide their development as an ESP teacher.

Completion of the English for Specific Purposes teacher training course involves 6 online modules, including:

  • Introduction to teaching ESP
  • Research and needs analysis for ESP programs
  • The culture of communication in the workplace
  • Planning the ESP syllabus
  • ESP lessons and progress assessment
  • Summative Assessment in ESP

Course length: The course is the equivalent of a 30 hour course. This course will be offered in the upcoming Winter 2014 term for the first time. Although learning is completed independently, course content must be completed during the three month period.

Course Completion: Upon completion of the course, graduates receive the following -

  • Certificate - Teaching English for Specific Purposes
  • Letter of Completion
  • 30 hours towards completion of TESL Canada Level 2 Certification (equivalent) - 150 hours

Level II TESL Training courses are under development. They will be offered soon. If you have any questions, please contact Scott Poole at or (204) 789-1484.