PIVOT Guide to Quick Online Course Delivery


This document is assembled to help you as a course instructor to transition the balance of your course from an in-person course to an on-line or distance venue. The biggest piece of advice is to keep it simple and do what you can to reduce your own stress as well as your students’ stress.

This guide provides a collection of relevant resources, but is not intended to prepare you to become an expert in on-online delivery. Rather, this guide is intended to provide you with some tools to quickly and efficiently convert face-to-face materials to online formats in order to minimize the disruption to your students’ learning.

The guide has the following 2 sections:

Section 1: TOOLKIT

This section presents some of the excellent advice out there on how to quickly - and ethically - transition your course to online delivery. While this section highlights some of the broader considerations with online delivery, the intent is practical in terms of providing step-by-step resources that minimize both instructor and student confusion.

1A – Going on-line quickly

1B – Tools

1C – Modifying PowerPoints with Audio

1D – Accessibility

1E – Privacy

1F – Supporting our Students

1G– More Tips and Ideas from Colleagues


These resources focus on tools available specifically to the UWinnipeg Community, including Library resources that may help you in online course delivery.

2A – Overview

2B – Nexus

2C – Course Readings/Reserves

2D – Online Journals/Databases

2E – Open Textbook/Educational Resources

2F–  Streaming Videos

2G – Copyright Considerations

We acknowledge the work of the collective team of University of Winnipeg staff and faculty members who collaborated on this resource guide: Brianne Selman, Laura Sokal, Hayley La Tour, Lloyd Kornelsen, Jeannie Kerr, and Sheri Skwarchuk.