2G. Copyright Considerations

Section 2: Additional Resources

There are a number of provisions in the Copyright Act the enable teaching and learning without undue restrictions. It is generally held that activities that are permissible in the classroom are permissible in an online learning classroom. We encourage you to use the Nexus platform in combination with Ares when sharing materials, as this restricts access to those currently enrolled in the course.

Specific provisions include educational exceptions and the fair dealing exceptions.

Fair Dealing allows use of copyrighted materials for uses that are for allowable purposes (including education) and that are considered "fair". More details on the Fair Dealing Guidelines are available here.

There are a number of specific guidelines for various media/ formats available at the Copyright Office site.

If you are looking for a very simple flowchart for deciding how to present online course materials in a way that is Copyright Compliant, check out our Course Material Copyright Basics.

If you have additional copyright questions, please contact Brianne Selman, Scholarly Communications and Copyright Librarian.

*Please note that any links to online materials that you present in your presentations must be copyright compliant.


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