2D. Journals and Databases

Section 2: Additional Resources

If you aren't already, familiarize yourself with the many online databases and journals that UWinnipeg Library offers in support of teaching and research.

For most, logging in to the proxy server will be required in order to access from home. Login using your WebAdvisor username and password.

Databases are collections of organized content, including journals and articles, magazines, newspapers, and more. Some databases (like JSTOR and Academic Search Complete) are large collections of articles across different subjects, while others are focused on a specific area of study (like PubMed, PsychInfo, or Sociology Abstracts). These specialized databases can help make your searching easier, often by having ways of searching that are specific to your discipline. You can browse databases by subject from this page. Some databases offer the full text of articles right in the database, while others provide the abstract and a link to finding the article. We also provide databases of specific formats, such as newspapers, archival documents, government publications, and numeric data. To see these options, you can browse databases by content type. You can also search for a specific named database, or browse for it by the first letter of the database's name. Please note that the contents of most databases are available through using the main searchbox on our homepage.

Academic journals are collections of articles on specific subjects (like the Harvard Business Review, the Modern Language Journal, or Nature). This page is a way to find the University of Winnipeg holdings of particular journals, either in print or online, by searching for journals by their title or subject. If you know the full title of a journal, you can either search for it or jump to titles beginning with that letter and browse. You can also search or browse for publications about a broad subject area. Available holdings will display under the journal title. Please note that if you are searching for particular articles, rather than the entire journal, this is available by using the main searchbox on our homepage.


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