1C. Modifying my PowerPoint Slides to Include Audio

Section 1: Toolkit

Many instructors have already prepared their lectures using PowerPoint slides while intending to deliver the content face to face. Although not optimal in terms of online delivery, a quick and easy way to deliver this content is to add audio to your slides and to post them on Nexus. Here are some links that will show you how to do that. Please be sure that you are following the instructions for the type of computer you are using (MAC or PC).

You may want to keep the audio file separate for each slide instead of having one long narration. The benefits of this approach are that 1) the content is delivered in smaller chunks (which is a recommended principle of online delivery), 2) the students can stop and replay the audio related to a specific slide if they need another attempt at understanding, and 3) the instructor is not required to start all over again if the doorbell rings or the dog barks while recording the audio for the entire show at once.

Once your slides are ready to go, you can upload them to Nexus as content, the same way you would upload any other course materials.

Please be cautious about uploading slides that include copyrighted materials and images, including photographs and graphics. If you are unsure, simply remove the images you have included in the slides you prepared beforehand, and/or replace them with slides from these sites. Please also consider that some students will use their phones to access the materials and that using images will result in higher data loads (and potentially costs) to them.


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