Lunch and Learn - 2021/2022 Calendar

Faculty of Education Professional Development

Lunch and Learn –12:30 to 1:20 online. Dates as follows. Additional dates and sessions may be added.



Monday, September 13 - "Elections Canada" Presenter: Joseph Hopfner

Wednesday, September 15 - "MTS: Practicing Self Care and Self Compassion in the New Normal" Presenters: Sascha Epp, MTS Staff Officer and Sarah Gazan, MTS Staff Officer

Monday, September 20 - "Teach for Canada" Presenter: Gill Forth

Wednesday, September 22 - "Indigenous Knowledge/Reconciliation" Presenter: Kevin Lamoureux

Monday, September 27 - "Inclusion" Presenter: Sheri-Lynn Skwarchuk

Wednesday, September 29 - "Bill 64" Presenter: James Bedford, MTS President