Lunch and Learn Series

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The Faculty of Education prides itself on preparing well-rounded professional teachers who are committed to life-long learning and professional development. In keeping with this goal, the Faculty offers a Lunch and Learn Series each year for all students.

The topics covered in the Lunch and Learn Series are varied. They are designed to provide information and ideas that are supplementary to students’ coursework but which relate to the role of the classroom teacher. Many of the sessions are delivered by representatives of organizations whose activities are related to and supportive of the educational process in schools.


Winter Term - All sessions are on Mondays from 12:30 - 1:20 pm in Room 4C40


"The Lunch and Learn sessions empower me to be a lifelong learner and grow as an educator. The passionate and knowledgeable presenters offer invaluable resources which I save in my professional 'toolbox'" Marly

Lunch and Learn Sessions

January Sessions

Monday, January 8th:

Karen Wiebe is the mother of TJ Wiebe, murdered in 2003 by people in the drug world. Since that time, she has dedicated her time to supporting kids in their efforts to avoid drug involvement, through her family foundation, the TJ's Gift Foundation.

Karen will focus her presentation on 'choices'. She will speak about leadership and its importance in developing positive peer pressure with kids to help them avoid drug involvement. She will talk about TJ and his choices as well as the choices of people who took his life.

Monday January 15th:

Kerri Waldbauer is a graduate of the University of Winnipeg with Bachelors degrees in Science and Education. She joined the True North Youth Foundation (TNYF) in May of 2017. As Coordinator of Educational Programs, she draws upon 11 years of teaching to develop programs such as TNYF's mental wellness initiative, Project 11.

Project 11 is an engaging online mental wellness initiative , targeting Manitoba's ELA and Physical Education/Health Education outcomes. Weekly lessons and daily activities help to support students in grades 5-8, in bringing mental health awareness, along with positive coping skills into their lives. Project 11 lessons focus on important topics such as friendship, communication, stress, self-awareness, and many more. Concepts such as focusing the mind, increasing self-awareness of feelings and strengths, and building positive relationships are imbedded to help students:

*Build a sense of their own team as a class

*Increase their ability to connect with one another

*Increase self-awareness of social, emotional and physical wellness

*Create a stage of empathy

*Enhance their academic performance

Join us for this presentation to learn more about Project 11, as we take a closer look at the lesson plans and activities included in this free classroom resource.

Monday, January 22nd:

Nancy Girardin is the Program Mananger at  the Manitoba Curriculum Support Centre. For over 10 years she has enjoyed working at the Centre and assisting educators throughout Manitoba with their resource needs.

Her presentation will forcus on the resources available to you for your practicum teaching and coursework. Come learn about your Manitoba Curriculum Support Centre (formerly the Manitoba Education Library) and the many resources and services availabel to post-secondary students. Hear more about a new service the Centre offers to students - submit a subject request and Centre staff will search and find the resources for you.

Monday, January 29th:

Lisa Dumas Neufeld is an Educator and Restitution Facilitator in Winnipeg. Lisa graduated from the University of Winnipeg ACCESS Program as a mature student and single parent. Lisa overcame her own struggles as an At-Risk Youth and now shares her personal and professional experience in order to help others understand the human struggle. She teaches grade 3/4/5 in the St James Assiniboia School Division. She also writes, coaches and facilitates workshops in areas related to wellness, education, resilience, and transformation.

Her session; Metamorphic: Exploring Pain, Power and Potential.

Have you ever seen a student with their hoodie up and their head down? Perhaps you've seen a student toss a chair or provoke a fight? This interactive workshop will look at why our struggling students act the way they do and how to help them move forward. Lisa will explore the process of change by sharing real-life stories, and provide a practical framework to help you make sense of the tricky behaviours you'll see in the classroom.

February/March Theme:

Indigenous Issues, Perspectives, and Resources