Student Successes


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Claire Landin - U of W Graduate 2013, BA (Honours), Economics

After graduating from the University of Winnipeg in 2013, I went on to complete a M.A. in economics at the University of British Columbia. In 2014, I accepted a one-year internship at the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council where I did research and wrote reports on a variety of issues affecting the economy in Atlantic Canada. I now work at the Department of Finance Canada in the Tax Policy branch, where I analyze and provide advice on federal-provincial tax policy issues that impact the lives of everyday Canadians.

The B.A. Honours program at the University of Winnipeg was excellent preparation for my graduate work and career. I have benefitted greatly not from only the knowledge and analytical skills that I acquired there, but also from the support and guidance I received from the faculty.

Gavin Kaisaris - U of W Graduate 2013, BA (Honours), Economics

After graduating from the University of Winnipeg in 2013, I went on to complete a M.A. in economics at Carleton University in Ottawa. After graduation, I accepted a four month internship at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) where I conducted policy research and authored a report on municipal spending in Manitoba. I now work full time for the CFIB as a Policy Analyst, doing economic research and lobbying on a wide range of topics that are of importance to small business owners.

The B.A. Honours program at the University of Winnipeg is an excellent program that was instrumental in helping me prepare for my graduate work and career. I utilize the knowledge and analytical skills that I acquired through the program on a daily basis. The faculty was extremely helpful, not only completing course work but in planning for graduate school and my career.

Xiaoyi Sun, U of W Graduate 2011, BA 4-year, Economics and Finance (EFIN)

"I have been told I was the first student that graduated from the EFIN program since it was initially launched in 2010. I earned the degree of BA 4-year EFIN in June 2011.  Instead of going for a Masters degree right away, I chose to gain some work experience for real-life practice.

With three months job search and a number of job applications, I found a match at Scotiabank for a journey in the banking industry.  I feel that the knowledge foundation I built up from the EFIN course of studies along with participation in University of Winnipeg campus activities made the entrance of my chosen career smooth. While working and learning in banking, the real-life practice definitely opened my eyes to a clear future goal in terms of career development.

With the career target in mind, I realized that additional training in finance would be helpful. Therefore, I applied to a number of graduate schools and got accepted to the Master of Financial Management (MFM) program from Alberta School of Business, which starts in the Fall 2014. The business school is one of the top five business schools in Canada.

I would like to thank my Economics and Business professors in the EFIN program.  Thanks in particular to the professors in the University of Winnipeg Economics department. They've continually provided me with great support in school selections as well as career advice before and after my graduation from the University. Best of luck to the future and current students in EFIN program!"

Ruchith Dissanayake, U of W Graduate 2010,
BA (Honours), Economics

"I will be attending the PhD program in Finance at University of Alberta School of Business starting September 2012. The Department accepts on average 2 students per year and is a top 4 department in Canada for Finance. The program has excellent academic placements for the graduates. I am currently co-authoring a research paper with two brilliant and well published professors in the Finance department. The program is a perfect fit for my research interests and my future career goals.

My success has a great deal to do with the quality of education I received at the University of Winnipeg. The knowledge I gained from the honors coursework at UW helped immensely during my masters studies. I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to Prof. Cyrenne, Prof. Dong, Prof. O'Gorman and Prof. Pandey for all their support and advice."

Natalia Giraldo-Gomez, U of W Graduate 2010,
BA (Honours), Economics and BA3 IDS

"I am currently working as a Regulatory Research Analyst with Manitoba Hydro and I am responsible for undertaking research related to public utility regulation, utility rates, energy industry matters, legislation, and other topics in the regulatory field. I also provide research support during regulatory applications with the provincial regulator. This has been a great opportunity to understand how some of the concepts and theories of regulation operate in practice.  I am just starting and this has been a great learning experience. I also appreciate the economics and other courses I have taken at the University of Winnipeg; they have provided a very good base for understanding the many issues that arise in my job."

Fan Ding, U of W Graduate 2010,
BA (Honours), Economics

"After graduating from the Honours program in Economics in 2008, I have finished my Master's degree in Economics at UBC. The strong economic background that I have gained helped me successfully complete my studies. Through the studies at the Honours level, I was introduced to a number of advanced topics, and gradually built my confidence to continue my studies. The knowledge I have earned at U of W made me so comfortable in my Graduate studies. When studying a few courses such as, IO,and Microeconomics in the Master program, I felt so lucky that I had pre-studied a lot of the materials. I was also able to obtain a year-round Teaching Assistant job. I not only assisted the professor by holding office hours and grading, but also acquired the valuable opportunity of teaching weekly tutorials, which is really valuable and unique for an international student. After studying in Master's Program at the University of British Columbia, I am working on the second step of my life, seeking jobs right now. I am applying for positions in the economics-related area. For example, an analyst position at the Bank of Canada and the Graduate Development Program at HSBC. I want to thank the members of the Department of Economics for all the help and direction that was given me during my four years of studies at the University of Winnipeg."

Christi-Anna Durodola, U of W Graduate 2010,
BA (Honours), Economics

"The University of Winnipeg’s Economics program is very challenging and thorough and has helped me develop a solid foundation in economic analysis and research. Among the privileges enjoyed at the UW economics department is the small class size, where I gained experience writing, presenting and discussing research papers, classes that went beyond theory to analysing real-life situations, and supportive professors with vast knowledge and experience outside academia.

I graduated spring 2010 and recently accepted a position as Research Assistant at Prairie Research Associates (PRA), where I assist with data analysis, sampling, market research and evaluation activities.

I am really fortunate to be an alumnus of the UW Economics department."

Beth Timmers, U of W Graduate 2009, BA (Honours), Economics

"I graduated from the Department of Economics Honours program in 2009. After completing a Master of Arts in Global Development Studies at Queen's University in 2010, I was accepted to the International Youth Internship Program with CIDA to work with farming cooperatives in Northern Uganda. I am now working at an international agricultural research centre, based in Malaysia. Here, I have had the opportunity to do additional fieldwork in Uganda, and travel to many off-the-beaten-track places. I attribute the career opportunities I've had to my positive academic experience at UW. The faculty was wonderfully supportive throughout my undergraduate degree, and the program provided a solid foundation to shift disciplines and pursue my interests in agriculture and food security in the Global South."

Paul Kornelsen, U of W Graduate 2009, BA (Honours), Economics

After graduating from the University of Winnipeg in the Spring of 2009, Paul was accepted into the Jepson School of Business at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington.  There he is completing his MBA with concentrations in Sport Management and Entrepreneurship.  "There is not a day that goes by in grad school where I don't lean on my economics background," he says.  "I find that I am so much more prepared for both school and real-life situations due to my economics foundation."

Trevor Shaw, U of W Graduate 2008, BA (Honours), Economics

Currently Fiscal Manager, Parliamentary Budget Office

“My studies in Economics at the U of W prepared me well for a life after graduation, including graduate studies at UBC. I apply many concepts learned at U of W to my current work preparing economic and financial forecasts for parliament and the general public. Studying economics has opened many doors, including my past work as an analyst at the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development in Paris, and in various federal ministries in Ottawa. Most memorably, I made good relationships with several members of the Economics department faculty, and have even kept in touch with some faculty members and fellow students long after graduation.”

Hidenori Takahashi, U of W Graduate 2008,
BA (Honours), Economics

Currently Ph.D. student, University of Toronto

"I started my BA honours program in Economics in May 2005 and completed in June 2008.

I liked the program in that it offered small class size and a lot of profs had an open door policy, which is probably not feasible in bigger universities.

Discussion type of lectures made me think about social issues in the context of economics and to obtain skills required to survive in graduate studies.

I have to say that my success is an outcome of the UW Economics program and I'd like to thank all the help I received in the program."

Larissa Smorang, U of W Graduate 2006, 4-year BA, Economics

Larissa became an Intern at the Library of Parliament, Ottawa where she is gained work experience in the policy and legislative process in Canada from a parliamentary perspective with the main research service for Parliament.

Michael Fabiyi, U of W Graduate 2005,
BA (Honours), Economics

"I graduated from the University of Winnipeg in 2005, earning an honors degree in Economics, after which I began my graduate studies in Economics at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. The Economics program at the University of Winnipeg provided the perfect platform for my graduate studies, ensuring I was well prepared for the rigours of graduate studies.  I completed my Masters program and then progressed into the PhD program which I will be rounding up in the near future. I was employed in various capacities during my studies, serving as an academic instructor at the University of Alberta, a research assistant at the CBEEDAC centre, an analyst in the private sector, and my current role as senior market analyst with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation".

Jeff Adam, U of W Graduate 2004, BA (Honours), Economics

Jeff Adam went to the U of W from the fall of 1999 to the spring of 2004, when he graduated with a BA (Hons) in Economics. He accepted a scholarship and teaching assistantship from Carleton University and started his MA studies in Economics there in the fall of 2004. He finished his MA in August 2005.  Jeff currently works as a policy analyst, in the Policy and Economics Branch, for Fisheries and Oceans Canada, in Winnipeg on the University of Manitoba campus.

Bohdan Nosyk, U of W Graduate 2002, BA (Honours), Economics

Bohdan joined the Pharmacoeconomics Program in the fall of 2003 after graduating with a Master of Arts degree in Economics from the University of British Columbia.

He began studies towards his PhD with the Department of Health Care and Epidemiology and the Department of Economics at the University of British Columbia in September 2005. The working title of his proposed thesis research is "Three studies evaluating methadone maintenance therapy in the treatment of heroin-dependent individuals". He is a recipient of doctoral research awards from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, The Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, and the Research in Addictions and Mental Health Policy & Services (RAMHPS) CIHR strategic training initiative.

Marjorie Santos, U of W Graduate 2000, BA (Honours), Economics
is at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. Marjorie has been working there since 2003 in various positions in the Monetary and Economic Department. Prior to this, she worked at the Bank of Canada in Ottawa.

Karen Buhr, U of W Graduate 1999, BA (Honours), Economics
is an Assistant Professor at the University of Maine School of Economics. She earned her Ph.D. in Economics at Carleton University; and her M.A. in Economics at Queens University.

Greg Brunette,
U of W Graduate 1993, BA (Honours), Economics

Economics graduate of UW in 1993 won a position as a fiscal Aboriginal treaty negotiator at BC's Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation, beginning April 2009.  He was also the Manager, Corporate Services Team, Ministry of Children and Family Development, in British Columbia.

Omar Zakhilwal, U of W Graduate, Economics

"Zakhilwal obtained his Bachelor's degree in Economics at the University of Winnipeg. He then moved to Kingston, Ontario, where he earned a Master's degree in Economics at Queen's University. Soon after that he found a job with Statistics Canada in Ottawa, where he completed a doctorate in Economics at Carleton University. He graduated in 2001.[1]

Zakhilwal published numerous articles and research papers on political, economic and social issues related to Afghanistan for newspapers, magazines and journals such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Ottawa Citizen, Wahdat, Forum of Federation Quarterly, Human Rights Tribune, Al-Ehram, Afghan Post, Heela, Dawat, Mujahid Wolus, Afghan Mosaic, and Afghan Mirror.[5] His work is in English, Pashto and Dari, and some of his articles are available on the internet."