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Recent External Research Grants received by faculty members of the Department of Economics

  • O'Gorman, Melanie (Principal Investigator) with Co-Investigators Kathy Snow, Alexander McAuley, Kate Tilleczek, Tess Miller, Fiona Walton and Ian Mauro, ArcticNet Grant for the project “‘Foundations for Student Persistence and Success in Inuit Nunangat", 2016-18.
  • Pandey, Manish (Principal Investigator) and Tanika Chakraborty (Collaborator), SSHRC Insight Development Grant for “Determinants and Effects of Temporary and Permanent Migration: An analysis using individual panel survey data,” 2016-18.
  • Dong, Xiao-yuan (Principal Investigator) with Yaohui Zhao, International Development Research Centre (IDRC) grant: "Care economy, women’s economic empowerment, and inclusive growth in China", 2014 – 2017.
  • Ray Chaudhuri, Amrita (Principal Applicant) and Manish Pandey (Co-applicant), SSHRC Insight Development Grant: "Examining the effects of immigration on technology adoption, wages and trade”, 2014-2016.
  • O'Gorman, Melanie (Co-Investigator) with Karen Busby (Principal Investigator) and Co-Investigators: Renata Meconse, Laura Funk, Katherine Starzyk, Keely Ten Fingers, Diane Dupont, Jacquie Vorauer, Colin Bonnycastle, Danielle Gaucher and Brenda Gunn, SSHRC Partnership Development Grant (PDG): "The right to clean water in First Nations: the most precious gift", 2013-2016. [link]
  • Dong, Xiaoyuan (Co-applicant) with Xiaopeng XiaoPang, Ford Foundation grant administrated by Renmin University, China: “School mergers and school outcomes of boys and girls in rural China: exploring the research-policy linkages for effective gender advocacy”, 2013-2015.
  • Pandey, Manish (Principal Applicant) and James Townsend (Co-applicant), SSHRC Insight Development Grant: "Do Immigrants with Prior Canadian Exposure Perform Better than Those Without? An Analysis Using the Longitudinal Immigrant Database (IMDB)”, 2013-2015.
  • O'Gorman, Melanie (Principal Applicant) and Manish Pandey (Co-applicant), SSHRC Insight Development Grant: “Cultivating the Arctic's Most Valuable Resource: An Analysis of the Barriers to High School Completion Among Aboriginal Youth in Northern Communities”, 2011-2013.

Other Announcements

December 2011

Announcement of ERDE Masters Program

Starting in September, 2012, the Department of Economics is offering a Masters of Arts degree in Environmental, Resource and Development Economics (ERDE). This innovative program combines the advanced study of modern economics with in-depth training in the fields of environment, resources and development. Applications for the program are now being accepted. For details, visit the ERDE page.

February 2011

Outside review gives rent regulation in Manitoba a thumbs up: Mackintosh"

Department Research Highlighted (Professor Hugh Grant)

"Rent controls absolved in city's vacancy squeeze"
            read Winnipeg Free Press article here