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Upcoming Courses

Below are the DIS course offerings we have tentatively planned for Fall/Winter 2020-2021 (please note this schedule is subject to change; check WebAdvisor for the latest edits).  

Our courses are offered as “Nexus+” which means most of the course material (podcast or video lectures, assignments, and so on) are available on demand on Nexus, supplemented as necessary with simultaneous sessions via internet during some (but not all!) of the scheduled class times

Fall 2020 

DIS-1003-750: Intro to Disability Studies I (K. Klassen) [3 credits, Nexus+]

DIS-2100-001: Theorizing Disability (M. Owen) [3 credits, Nexus+]

DIS-2200/WGS-2264-001: Disabilities, Sexualities, Rights (M. Owen) [3 credits, Nexus+]

Winter 2021

DIS-1004-761: Intro to Disability Studies II (N. LeGier) [3 credits, Nexus+]

DIS-2200/WGS-2264-002: Disabilities, Sexualities, Rights (K. Hardy) [3 credits, Nexus+]

DIS/WGS-3006-001: Embodied Subjects (M. Owen) [3 credits, Nexus+]


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Program Information


Academic Calendar Information [PDF]

Fact Sheet [PDF]

Disability Studies Course Outline Notes [PDF] or [webpage]



Call for Proposals, Papers, and Applications

Equal Voice is a multi-partisan organization dedicated to electing and supporting more women at all levels of political office. One of their flagship initiatives is the Daughters of the Vote program (DOV). The objective of the program is to expose participants to Canada’s political institutions and those women and men serving in them – so that they are equipped and inspired to participate in the formal political sphere and take action in their local communities in the years and decades to come. 
A total of 338 young women or gender-diverse youth – one for every federal ridingwill be selected to represent their community at this four day political leadership conference taking place on March 5-8, 2021. The program is entirely free for the participant and is open to young women and gender-diverse youth born between January 1st, 1993 and December 31st, 2001.
The organizing team has officially launched their Call for Applications and the deadline to apply is October 1, 2020. Visit or to apply, or download the Call for Applications [PDF] for more information.

An Important Note: As a result of COVID-19, the DOV 2021 program will take place online to ensure the health and safety of staff, delegates and volunteers. The team is working hard to maintain the crux of DOV, including replicating the House of Commons experience online.

For more information, please contact

 Image of women and gender-diverse youth at House of Commons; equal voice, Daughters of the Vote logo, text: Represent your federal riding March 5-8, 2021; Apply by October 1, 2020; Image of women and gender-diverse youth in House of Commons, À voix égales Héritières du suffrage logo, and French text: représentez votre circonscription fédéral 5 au 8 mars, 2021; date limite 1 Oct 2020;



Job and Volunteer Postings 

Support Worker Position - job posting [PDF]


Volunteer as a Tutor for Students with Disabilities

This peer, student-led initiative is looking for students to join a pool of volunteer tutors who would be available to assist students with disabilities as needed.

The organizers are looking for students with knowledge in any area of study. Knowledge in various languages, including American Sign Language, is an asset, and different levels of experience are welcome!

If you are interested, please email one or both of the organizers with a short resume and bio indicating areas of study and your availability. The organizers will then conduct an interview with you to allow them to learn more about you and connect you to students whose needs match your experience and knowledge.

For more information or to submit your resume and bio, please contact:

Sarah Anderson: or 431-451-7690

Rostant John: or 204-451-5575


The group is currently urgently seeking tutors for the following courses in particular:

  • DIS-1003 - Intro to Disability Studies I
  • ECON-1104 - Intro Economic Theory
  • IDS-1100 - Intro International Development Studies
  • IDS-1200 - Intro Global Citizenship
  • SOC-1101 - Intro Sociology




IMPORTANT: Students must ensure that they have declared their Major in Disability Studies in order to be eligible and considered for the following award. This award is adjudicated by the Disability Studies Program.

Disability Studies Scholarship - $500
Established by Dr. Pauline Greenhill and Dr. Michelle Owen, this scholarship will be awarded annually to a student who has completed at least 30 credit hours and is majoring in Disability Studies. Preference will be given to a student who has made a contribution to the community.

Henry Enns International Disabilities Rights Scholarship - amount variable
Created in honour of Henry Enns, a disability rights and independent-living movement leader, the Henry Enns International Disabilities Rights Scholarship will be awarded to a student who has completed at least 30 credit hours and is majoring in Disability Studies. Preference will be given to a student who self-identifies as having a disability or chronic illness and has made a contribution to or is involved in activism for the community.


Disability Awards

The Disability Awards website was created by the National Educational Association for Disabled Students (NEADS) to help post-secondary students search hundreds of scholarships available across Canada specifically for students with disabilities. Visit to learn more.


University of Winnipeg Awards and Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities

The University of Winnipeg is dedicated to ensuring that all students have equal access to higher learning. As a result of this mandate there are support services and programs in place like financial assistance to make that happen. Visit the Awards and Financial Aid webpage to learn more about applying for awards online at the University of Winnipeg, government student aid, and other supports and services at the University.